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Expert-Approved Tips When Investing In Real Estate


Investing in real estate can be very rewarding. However, it can equally be a traumatic experience if you go in blindly. These tips will hopefully act as a guiding light as you navigate your way through this interesting venture.

1. Have a Plan

Create a business plan to gauge your successes and failures. A business plan also helps you handle the unpredictability of the real estate market. Include the following elements in your plan:

  • Your goal: Set a goal that is suited to your finances and interests.
  • Strategy: Find a strategy that will drive you towards your goal.
  • Procedure: How you handle day-to-day activities or long term events. This can include things like how you manage your time, how you spend petty cash, how you handle revenue/windfalls etc.

Planning also makes you an attractive prospect to private investors who may want a stake in your business.

2. Acquire Information

Staying informed goes twofold:

  • Learning as a newbie.
  • Keeping yourself informed when you become more experienced.

As you enter the real estate industry, sponge on all the information you can from podcasts, books, blogs, videos, you name it. As a newbie, advices like these 5 real estate investing tips can really help out. Get recommendations of the appropriate learning material from the experts.

Once you strike out and become a market player, keep updating your information reserves with ongoing market trends. Watch news touching on the industry and observe how experts are reacting to it. Socialize with other investors to get the latest relevant news. Which brings us to the next point.

3. Build relationships with other Investors

Even when you establish yourself and achieve a level of success in the real estate investment arena, you still need the input of other investors (and even the process of establishing yourself you would have needed them anyway). For example, they might have information that you are not privy to and having an alliance with them will grant you access to it. As you build a network or business relationships in general, the key things to focus on are:

  •  Find people who align with your investment strategy
  •  Offer them some value back and not merely expecting the exchange to go one-way. For example, you can share your insights with them as they share theirs with you.

There are multiple avenues where you can find other like-minded real estate investors. Social media is one platform where you can source connections to build your network. Facebook groups and relevant forums can be particularly helpful in this regard. A reliable social circle can propel you to greater heights.

4. Overestimate Your budget allocations

Budgetary projections in real estate have time and again proven to be mere pointers. Things tend to not go as planned when it comes to budgeting in this industry. Overruns and delays are rampant in construction and you must cater for them to avoid crashing. A good number of experts will actually tell you to double your estimations to be on the safe side and avoid getting blindsided.

5. Find Mentors

Learning the ins and outs of the market on the fly is a good way to gather experience but having someone who will guide you is important. A mentor will shave off inordinate amounts of time off your learning curve. They can also help you avoid potentially catastrophic pitfalls and help you expand your circle. Just ensure that you make it worthwhile for them by following their advice and giving value to them in return in some way.

There are more things you need to take care of as you try your hand at real estate investing. Hopefully, these tips will set you on your way to a fruitful venture. Give it time and you will be a success.