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Decorating Your First Home

living room

, If you are buying your first home, you will be excited about decorating it! Here are some trends to consider…

Embellished Walls

This is the perfect trend for any first-time home buyer looking to add the wow factor to their home. These walls add a depth of beauty and character to any space. The added dimension creates a level of intrigue which cannot be emulated by another other paint, wallpaper or wall design.

From walls laced in crystals to hand-painted wallpaper to textured grass wallpaper; there is an option to suit all tastes and all rooms. There is even a woman who used 30,000 bottle caps in eye-catching geometric patterns when embellishing the exterior of her home – it doesn’t get much more creative and ambitious than that!

Pop of Pastel

Pop of pastel is a trend that has found its place in the kitchen of homeowners all over the country. It is quite a common occurrence for the kitchen to be a place where neutral colours are the norm. However, you need to remember that this is a room where you get to cook up a storm every evening. It should be a place filled with inspiration and creativity. And what generates these core qualities? Colour!

Turn your kitchen dresser or display cabinet into a pastel masterpiece. By adding highlights of candy pink, sherbet lemon or mint green, you create decor that is good enough to eat. Your kitchen will be a place you enjoy being in and dare we say it; cooking may become your favourite hobby.

Geometric Wallpaper

Geometric wallpaper is a bold trend which makes a great statement. Whether you opt for full coverage or an accent wall is entirely up to you. Nevertheless, if you truly want to do this trend justice, then it is all about vibrant and vivid colours. This can look great in children’s bedrooms and home offices whereby energy and creativity is the norm.

However, if you do want to use geometric wallpaper in your living area or bedroom, then you may want to go for a more subtle design. After all, these are rooms of relaxation, and bright colours can make it difficult to unwind. Opt for a neutral shade and a colourful hue; such as cream and turquoise.

Emerald Green

This colour looks beautiful painted on the walls of living room and dining room areas in the home. Emerald green creates an imperial look, one that generates the perfect balance between tradition and elegance, and may also be a simple trend to implement; after-all, you are only dealing with one colour of the paint. When emulating this trend, you should play to its strengths. Finish off the room with stunning dark wood furniture and unique antique pieces.

Metallic Magic

And last but not least, luxurious metallic wallpapers are another must-have trend. Brass and copper have already proved their worth throughout the year, and metallic is a unique and beautiful way of incorporating these shades into your home. Not only does metallic wallpaper look fantastic, but it has a lot to offer a room in other ways as well. During the day it brings a much-needed dosage of light to any space, while in the evening it can create a warm and romantic vibe.