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Carved Creations: Working with Wood and Stone


Are you looking to remodel your home? Why not do it so it not only is pleasing to your eye while you live in it but also boosts your home’s property value for when you’re ready to sell down the road.

58% of Americans are eager to start home renovations but what area of the home are they planning to change up most? If you guessed outdoor spaces, you’d be correct, with bathroom coming in a close second.

Right now, designers across the country report that stone and wood are all the rage in kitchen and bathrooms remodels. In this article, we’re breaking down the hottest wood and stone trends and how you can incorporate them into your next reno.

Grab your tool kit, we’re getting started!

Wood and Stone Kitchen Looks

Want to boost the look of your kitchen? Look no further. Use these quality materials to improve your kitchen’s aesthetic.

Go for Stone Countertops

One of the best ways to increase the value of your kitchen is to replace your countertops with something timeless like quartz or granite countertops. Ditch your mother’s vinyl, it’s time for an upgrade.

Stone countertops like quartz are durable, easy to clean, and sanitary. Trust us, this investment will pay for itself when it’s time to sell. Learn more here.

Opt for Quality Wood Cabinets

This is another example of when not to use vinyl. Choose a quality wood that will take a stain well. Some of the best choices of wood for cabinets are as follows:

  • cherry
  • maple
  • oak
  • hickory
  • birch
  • walnut
  • pecan

Remember that the characteristics and grains of the wood vary so choose wisely.

Try out Stone Walls or Backsplashes

A huge trend we’re seeing in modern kitchens right now is entire stone walls and high ceilings. The emphasis on the sharp silhouettes demands your attention making it the main focal point of the room.

Don’t want to commit to an entire stone wall? We understand. You can still try out the trend on a smaller scale with a stone backsplash to get a similar effect

Wood and Stone Bathroom Trends

Is your bathroom ready for a facelift? Let’s see how wood and stone can transform your bathroom.

Stone Tiles

There’s nothing more calming than stepping on a shower boasting of stone accents. Whether it’s the stone tiles on the walls or river rock flooring, you really feel like you’re at the spa, especially if it’s a walk-in shower.


You can also pair your stone tiles with a stone bathroom countertop or stone sink basin for an extra dash of chic.

Wooden Sauna-Like Walls

Want another way to bring the spa to you? Try wooden walls! Wood doesn’t usually hold up the best when paired with humidity so opt for a wood-looking tile or waterproof your wood carefully.

Exposed Wooden Beams

Want to incorporate a grand design feature in your home? Why not get on board with exposed wooden beam trend that’s been everywhere lately.

Exposing your home’s beams make your ceilings higher and your room appears larger. It’s also rustically gorgeous and perfect to look at, especially if you’re lounging in a tub looking up.

Stone and Wood Exterior Designs

You no longer have to feel embarrassed by the way your house looks. Boost your curbside appeal with these simple fixes and watch the bids fly in.

The obvious suggestion would be installing wood or stone siding. This can be expensive so here are some more creative (and more budget-friendly) options.

Put in a Stone Path

Add some visual interest to your exterior by upgrading the path to your home. Don’t waste another moment walking on a boring concrete or overdone brick walkway. Lay down exotic stones that will lead your guests into your newly redone home.

Wooden Front Door

First impressions mean everything when people view your house. Don’t waste another moment trying to use your current front door.

Choose a quality, sophisticated wood like African Mahogany or Spanish Cedar.

It’s time to stand out. Try out a bold colored coat of paint. You might just overhear things like “Let’s put a bid on the house with the red door.”

New Shutters

Upgrade your home’s curb appeal with classic, quality, wood shutters. Choosing the style of your shutter is the perfect way to make a positive first impression on guests and potential buyers. Will you go with Bahama, open or closed Louver, or the classic shaker style?

Stone and Wood Interior Ideas

To bring everything together from the outside to the kitchen and bathroom, use stone and wood conversation pieces throughout the house.


Wood Conversational Pieces

Think of conversation pieces like a restored wooden sewing machine, a vintage cedar chest, or even a refurbished barn door as a unique dining table. These are easily scored at yard sales and flea markets and can be easily transformed with some sanding and stain.

We love the idea of using wood in its most natural form like twig coat hooks or DIY branch lamps. Try securing tempered glass over a stump to make a creative coffee table or side table.

Stone Accent Pieces

Stone accent pieces can be everything and anything from statues, lamps, vases, or bookends. It’s the perfect way to bring your room together and add an air of sophistication to your room.

Stone Fireplace

There are a few things more classic than a stone fireplace. Give your current mantle a facelift by laying stone veneers. It will instantly add warmth to your space and become the focal point of your room.

Stay in the Know

Now that you know what the hottest stone and wood trends are the only thing left to do is get started!

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