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5 Advantages That Granite Countertops Can Add to Your Kitchen


Did you know granite can last 100+ years because it’s a natural stone? This shouldn’t be a surprise since it’s already millions of years old because it’s a natural substance found deep in the earth.

Have you been considering changing your kitchen countertop?

Granite countertops are a popular choice for the kitchen, and for good reason!

Here are 5 advantages that adding granite to your kitchen can offer you!

5 Advantages That Granite Countertops Can Add to Your Kitchen

With so many options in different colors and different materials for a kitchen counter remodel its no wonder someone can get overwhelmed. This list will help you have more knowledge about granite countertops.

1. Family Friendly

This countertop choice is great with little ones because it’s so easy to clean. If you have little kitchen helpers that are prone to spilling something it’s a quick cleanup.

If anyone in the family including a forgetful teenager accidentally put something super hot on top of it there is no need to worry about ruining it. Granite, unlike other countertop materials, is able to withstand the heat because it’s formed by heat and pressure.

If you have a furry cat baby that likes to jump on countertops you don’t really have to worry about him/her scratch the surface.

2. Easy to Clean

Cleaning granite countertops is pretty easy because there is no specialty cleaner needed. All you really need is mild soap and hot water. You can use a 50:50 solution of alcohol and water but don’t really need to spend extra unnecessary money on alcohol.

It’s not recommended to use abrasive cleaner or pads because it can be scratched. Don’t use vinegar, Windex or bleach because using it too often will dull the granite plus it will weaken the sealant.

3. Adds Value to Home

Granite is a natural substance which gives a beautiful outside element into the inside of your home. It might not necessarily add a monetary amount to the homes resale value but it will add appeal to an interested buyer because of the style.

4. Sanitary

Granite has a sealant that takes it from porous to non-porous. This makes it so that bacterial contamination doesn’t happen or spread because bacteria can’t soak into the countertop. The seal also prevents mold from forming or spreading.

Dirt and other grime aren’t able to soak into the surface because it’s sealed.

5. Durable

Finding a more durable countertop will be hard to find. Granite is super tough and resilient. It’s hard to scratch it or even chip it.

The sealer that a professional installer adds to the granite countertops will extend the counters life and will help it become stain resistant.

Granite countertops might end up being the most expensive item in your kitchen renovation budget but they will outlast most of the other materials in your entire home. They should probably be looked at as more of an investment than a purchase.

Ready for Your Beautiful Granite Countertop Upgrade?

With so many advantages to upgrading to granite countertops, this might make your decision easier. It’s definitely a one-of-a-kind natural surface that people love.

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