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Kitchen Makeover To Improve Property Value

kitchen makeover

Most homeowners keen to improve the value of their property will undertake a major renovation. Replacing old and worn features with new and modern items will add some value, but improvements to areas with high-traffic zones and most frequented spaces consistently add the most value to your home. For example, a kitchen renovation.

When considering which rooms and spaces need prioritized attention, especially if you have a limited budget, make a list. You may be surprised that most of your family don’t use the front entrance. Rather, they enter the property from the rear or side of the house. Therefore, this entrance would need some budget for brightening up walls and floors.

The kitchen will be your most frequented and high-traffic space, so assign the lion’s share of your renovation budget to it. Any improvement to your kitchen will improve its appeal, and if you’ve undertaken a complete replacement kitchen, the new space will add a lot more value to the sales price. As any real estate agent will confirm, the kitchen is the focal point for a prospective homebuyer. That’s because it’s a functional space for meal preparation and a hub for socialising and entertainment. People want a home to move into with minimal fuss. The last thing they want is to undertake a kitchen remodel.

Kitchen Renovations

Not all kitchen makeovers are the same, nor do they provide the same value or return on investment. With DIY projects, you’d focus on cleaning and painting, updating the hardware, and so on. Plus replacing appliances like the oven, dishwasher, and cooktop. You’re not likely to add much value to your property sales price. However, whatever you spend, do so to double your return to make the investment worthwhile.

For larger kitchen renovation projects, choose a budget you’re comfortable with and know with some certainty that the end result will push the value of your home upwards. Your kitchen renovation project may commence with striping out existing cabinets, floors, and wall coverings and getting a new kitchen design before the work begins, which may include:

  • Plastering and painting
  • Wiring, sockets, and light fittings
  • New flooring
  • New cabinetry
  • Tiles or splashback
  • Work surfaces
  • Sink and plumbing
  • Lights

New Kitchen Units To Add Value

A new set of kitchen cupboards and drawers will not only improve the appeal and functionality of your kitchen they will also impress homebuyers. The kitchen cabinetry is a large footprint that’s hard not to see. Homebuyers will be less impressed with your kitchen if it’s dated and tired-looking. There’s no hiding poor-quality cupboards and drawers. They don’t work smoothly, some may make a noise when you open and close them and some may not fully close.

Replacing the cabinetry with kitchen units in a neutral colour and modern design will improve your experience. Plus, your kitchen will be visually pleasing for your guests and a good visual for home viewings to impress future prospective homebuyers.

When you put your home on the market, a stunning kitchen is a great selling feature. Go to the nearest showroom and take a peek into the options available for your kitchen makeover. Like with most home improvement features, there is a huge range of products and price points.


Focus on storage as your top priority; if you’ve got the budget, you can get style and performance. If your kitchen space is small or you just want to get storage in it – consider ceiling-to-floor units. Since the kitchen is a high-traffic area, the cupboards will show signs of wear over time. There are simple fixes, like painting the cupboards, updating the hardware, etc. However, full replacement delivered the best outcome.


The key factors to consider when buying kitchen cupboards are quality, symmetry, colour, and style. The number of cupboards isn’t as important as their quality. Select first-grade hinges and runners. Design the kitchen layout with an open plan. You’ll be able to cook while keeping an eye on your kids. Not having walls or other barriers facilitates communication.

Needless to say, kitchen cupboards must be symmetrical. Keep the layout simple and appealing by arranging the cupboards to be more practical and uniform.

Final Words

Owning a home is probably your largest asset. Keeping your home in good working order should hold its value. Over time property appreciates, and your mortgage decreases so your equity grows. When it comes time to sell up, you want as much profit as possible, and a property renovation may be what you need to do to dramatically increase its value. Renovating high-traffic areas like the kitchen will provide more enjoyment while you’re there and increase the property’s attraction to home buyers.