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6 Home Renovation Apps That Will Simplify Your Remodeling Plans


The American public spends over $300 billion per year on home renovations. Many homeowners choose the renovation route over moving to a newer home.

One reason that remodeling is a popular selection is that it is less taxing than moving. This option takes high-pressure events like house showings and inspections off the table.

Choosing renovation also saves money on closing costs and real estate commission. Now that we have made a convincing argument, it is time to get your renovation project started.

There are a number of home renovation apps that help optimize the process. Read on to explore 6 software apps that help simplify your renovation project.

1. ColorSnap

No home renovation looks good if you select the wrong color paints. Have you ever visited a friend’s home and been shocked by a poor choice in paint color?

This home renovation app makes sure this doesn’t happen to you. ColorSnap was developed by Sherwin Williams and asks you to scan a color chip.

Then, the app will show you how the paint color appears on your walls. It also provides suggestions so you never select a horrendous paint again.

2. MagicPlan

MagicPlan is a great renovation app to optimize major projects. Its most important feature is the ability to develop floor plans for your home.

Perhaps the most impressive feature is that all measurements are taken through your device’s camera. The collected data is transferable to professional contractors to assist in quotations. It also has the capability to map out ventilation systems.

3. HomeZada

HomeZada is a schedule management tool to make sure your project runs on time. It sets deadlines and establishes a budget for each specific task.

In addition, you can snap pictures of items required for the renovation. The result is a wish list of renovation items, including the cost of each item.

4. Pinterest

Now that we have covered the project management side, it is time to get creative. This is where the Pinterest app comes into play.


Pinterest is a repository of great ideas to implement at your house. You can search any topic for ideas from farmhouse kitchens to tropical sunrooms.

Contractors and homeowners alike snap pictures of their best work. You can pin it to your board as a wish list or inspiration source.

5. Home Design 3D

This app takes your renovation to the next level by displaying 3D models of your project. It produces a 3D drawing of the entire home, as well as each individual room.

Home Design 3D is a great way to see where furniture looks the best. One word of caution is that some features are locked and require a paid upgrade to the app.

6. KitchenWhiz

In terms of home value, real estate professionals agree that the kitchen is amongst the most important. The KitchenWhiz planner allows you to instantly build kitchen designs.

This planner earns positive reviews thanks to its ease of use. Even beginners find success building accurate and quality kitchen designs.

A Recap of the Best Home Renovation Apps

Technology is making home renovation projects easier than ever before. Between YouTube and renovation apps like Home Design 3D, it seems like every project is DIY.

There are even apps such as HomeZada to keep your project on schedule and under budget. If you enjoyed this article about the best home renovation apps, check out our blog for other great pieces.