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Are Prefab Homes the Future of Real Estate?

street view of prefabs

In the past, most homes were made on-site. If you wanted a home at a specific location, then you’d most likely build it from scratch by laying a foundation and building it brick by brick. However, advances in modern technology have paved the way for unique real estate opportunities, and the latest that you should keep your eyes on is prefab homes.

Factory-made homes, or prefabs, represent something that could revolutionise the housing industry. Instead of spending lots of resources, time and labour on building a home some scratch, prefab homes can be built in a factory within a shorter time span rapidly deployed. By using robots in a factory to build homes, it’s now possible to construct a home within just a couple of days. Not only that, but prefab homes come with a variety of different advantages, and here are just a couple of them to convince you that prefab homes are the future of real estate.

Rapid deployment

One of the biggest advantages of prefab housing is the fact it can be rapidly deployed. Many prefab homes are created and stored much like flat-pack furniture. As soon as you order it, it can be shipped to you within a week and even set up on the same day. Pre-designed homes also make it easy for developers to plan out their land and divide it without any surprises. For instance, companies like sell pre-designed houses that have exact sizes and dimensions, and you can even pick from a selection. This enables the end buyer to pick exactly what they want and it gives the developer themselves a quick way to ship out a home and have it quickly set up.

Design your own

Since all of the components in prefab housing are created in a factory, it’s possible to customise your very own home and have a company build it for you. By using personalised software, you can design your house using a simple interface. You can use templates, look at ideas on the internet or even create something unique. This allows almost anyone to create their dream home and have it shipped to them directly.

Reduced costs

Since a factory is used instead of manual labour, it drastically cuts the costs of building a home and enables you to focus more time on developing or advertising your home than trying to get all the technical specifications right and worrying about the overall cost of it. This article from goes into detail about prefab homes and their costs if you need more information. There are fewer services to hire (you won’t need a third-party company to clean up or hire a garbage truck) and it’s an innovative way to begin a property development career.

Housing for everyone

Prefab homes offer everyone the chance to own a home. Thanks to the reduced costs, customisation and rapid development, creating a home has never been so accessible or easy and it opens up many different opportunities for new and veteran developers alike.