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Tech Up Your Property for the 21st Century

Technology has entered into every corner of our professional and personal lives. A smart thermostat that keeps your home warm and saves you money. A fridge that tells you’re about to run out of milk and butter. A doorbell that is connected to your phone lets you check who’s ringing without opening your door. For […]

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Smarter and Better Business Security Through ADT Systems

Security for offices is important because they’re often left unattended for many hours in the evening and overnight, along with all weekend. For offices that don’t have a security guard, remote security systems that can provide motion sensors, window and door sensors, live camera feeds, and other benefits that puts the business owner at the […]

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Top Tech to Store in Your Garage for When You Need it

A good garage should be like a huge extension of your handy toolbox; filled with useful equipment and supplies, carefully organised, so that you can approach any task with the confidence that you have the right tools to do so. Of course, a whole garage can’t just be filled with spare screws and fuses, but […]

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10 Smart Benefits of Buying Home Solar Panels

Are you struggling with monthly power costs? Utility prices continue to soar and according to the latest news, this is going to be the new norm. Fortunately, there is a solution to combat rising electricity prices. If you want an efficient means of managing your energy, home solar panels are your best bet. Not sure […]

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6 Facts You Must Know About Property Management in Mesa, Arizona

While there is no specific definition that any person can refer to while wanting to figure out who a good property manager is, there are some factors that will help one note a good property management experience. Some of the elements that depict professional homeownership include good contract, perfect tenant-landlord relationship and so forth. Herein […]

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Become A Master General Contractor With These Tips

Being a general contractor is an exciting job, but it also requires a lot of patience and skill on your part. Be open and willing to improve your ways if you want to truly master the business of being a general contractor. The following tips will allow you to win over more customers and help […]

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How Does 3D Visualization Helps in Selling the Property Faster

Selling a house can be very stressful, so anything you can use to make that process go quicker and smoother should be regarded. Find a great realtor who will showcase your property with amazing photos and offer in-person showings of the property. But what if you could add another level to your home sale? What […]

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Save Time and Money Using Construction Project Management Software

You being a construction manager will surely agree that the 90% of your projects go over budget, time and schedule. As per a recent study, show that construction professionals spend more than 5.5 hours a day in meetings and conference calls. These industry professionals need to find time to increase their productivity but at the […]

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The Best and Worst of Smart Home Products

Every magazine, website, and blog is abuzz these days with products for a smart, connected, energy-efficient home. From innovations for how we cut carrots to how we park in our garages, these inventions touch every corner of domesticity. Some are game changers, while others are more head scratchers. Explore some highs and lows in the […]

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