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Taking Where You Live Into Your Own Hands

house in the woods

Most people dream of having that lovely 5-bedroomed house, with a spacious kitchen and living room, and perhaps with a porch with a swing on the front. However, because this is everybody’s dream, these properties are far from cheap – and the reality is that most people are unable to afford them, at least not without saving up for several years beforehand. The good news is that affordable housing is out there, and you don’t have to rent either: it can all be yours. Whether you’re looking for alternative accommodation or somewhere inexpensive that’ll allow you to save up money for your dream house, take a look at options below and get living.

To the Water

You can look at boats in two ways. They’re either an expensive hobby or an inexpensive way to live. Due to their relatively low start-up cost and inherent uniqueness, more people than ever are taking to the water to live on a boat. Once you’ve bought the vessel, it’ll just be a matter of finding somewhere to dock it – though be aware that this can be expensive. If you grow tired of where you’ve living, simply start up the engine and move somewhere else.

Do It Yourself

No rule says you have to buy a property from someone. If you have land, then why not take matters into your own hands and build your new home yourself? Pole barn homes prices are much lower than traditional housing options, and they are robust, too; it will be as good today as it is decades from now if you use high-quality materials. If you don’t quite need the size of a barn home, look at building your own tiny house; they’re highly efficient, can be very affordable, and there’s real pride in knowing you’re built your dwelling yourself.

Glamorous Outdoor Living

If you’re an outdoors lover, then why chain yourself up inside an apartment block? You should be outside! Now, nobody’s expecting you to set up a tent and live it in permanently; that is not an attractive way to live. However, you can build a yurt, which is a type of tent, and make it cozy inside. You’ll have a wood-burning stove on the inside, and all of nature on the outside. Some people have lived in this type of accommodation for decades, so there must be something to it.

To the Roads

Like a boat, a van is also a cost-effective way for freedom lovers to build up their capital for their dream home. There are plenty of vans out there, so you won’t have to part with too much cash unless you’re determined by one of those cool 1960’s VW vans. Once it’s in your possession, you can kit it out with a few home comforts and then spend your days and nights living and sleeping wherever you please.

In all, you’ll have many more options to buy a place to live than you think you do; you just need to spend a little time thinking outside of the box.