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Why you should buy a property in Crawley

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Buying property is always an important occasion. No matter what your reasons are and no matter whether it’s for a family or for a business, a property is an investment and commitment in more ways than one. While virtually every place on the map holds any number of attractions, it can often be difficult to decide where exactly to put down roots. It would be way simpler if we knew about the city or town beforehand. Today, we are discussing the idea of buying property in Crawley.

Situated in West Sussex, in the United Kingdom, Crawley is fast growing and it’s real estate popular, with some properties now being sold for as much 600,000 pounds.

There are many reasons why buying a property in Crawley is a sound investment and here are some of them:

  • Just 4 kilometers from Gatwick Airport and about 44 kilometers from Heathrow, the town has always been important. The building of the airport at the outskirts has also ushered in new business and commercial growth. Employment opportunities are on the rise in this market town, be it in manufacturing, services, warehousing, distribution or transport.
  • The town is well connected by motorway, a guided bus transit system, trains, Fastway and the airport we’ve seen in the previous point. You can also get around easily in your car and on bicycle.
  • Education is always a concern for families. Crawley has seven secondary schools, over two dozen primary schools and two schools for children with special needs. You’re bound to find a school close to your place of residence.
  • A concern for young parents is proper care for their little ones. Especially if both are working and there’s no help available. It can be very worrying and distressing. You can rest assured because the town has many nurseries and within your commuting range. This can be a huge weight off your shoulders.
  • Emergencies do happen and there’s no telling when and how. Crawley has the regular 999 number and you’ll have access to information about fire, police, emergency flooding and other services. If there isn’t an emergency and you need to reach out to service providers, there are numbers and email ids that you can use.
  • An emergency of a different kind can happen at home- a leaking pipe, a broken shutter- any number of things may need repairs and looking into. You don’t have to look too far to find someone trustworthy and good at their job to help you out. No matter what your requirement, electrical or plumbing, help is easily at hand.
  • Entertainment and relaxation is also a serious need and Crawley has so much to offer in this area too. Take a lovely walk in Buchan County Park, have a thrilling adventure in Southern Pursuits and slow everything down at Tilgate Park. Bars, spas and restaurants also abound and you’ll have no dearth of entertainment and nights on the town here.
  • Doctors are of course available and you can easily find the information you need to get to the one closest to you.

Maybe Crawley really is the best place to be for an active, full life that’s gaining in popularity.