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8 Benefits of Apartment Living

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When we’re young, many of us dream of having our own house. A large space with a garden and plenty of room to have families of our own. Yet, in the modern world, more and more of us are living in apartments instead of more traditional houses. Once, apartments were like a middle ground. We rented them while we saved up for a family home. However, there are many benefits to apartment living, even if you are doing it with children. Here is a look at 8 of them.


Apartments can be much safer than houses. As well as your own door, there will also be a main entrance with some form of security. You’ll also be living much closer to your neighbors, so if you ever need someone, you have options.

No Stairs

Many people struggle with stairs. The elderly, very young and those with health conditions all have difficulties getting up and down the stairs all the time. An apartment means this isn’t something you need to worry about. If you live on a higher floor, there is usually a lift.


Apartments are usually much cheaper to buy or rent, and apartment living can be a fantastic way to save money. Even your home insurance could be significantly cheaper. These Davenport apartments for rent for example come at a fantastic price compared to some houses in the area.


As a society, we don’t talk to our neighbors anywhere near as much as we used to. Streets no longer get together to play with the kids or have summer BBQs. Some of us don’t even know the names of the people we have lived next door to for years.

There’s still more of a community spirit in apartments. You pass people on the stairs every day. You smell their cooking, hear their singing and take in their post. You help each other with problems, borrow sugar from each other and help carry shopping through the hall.


Apartments can be vastly cheaper to heat than large houses. The first reason for this is that they are smaller and more confined. But, you also get a little help from those that live above and below you as heat moves through the floors and ceilings.


One of the best things about living in an apartment is that you can vacuum it all in one go without having to move to a different wall outlet or carry the cleaner up the stairs.


You’d have to spend an awful lot of money to get a house with a swimming pool and a gym. Some modern apartment buildings come with facilities like these included.


Housing developers very rarely build one house. They build a street or block all in one go, creating a new housing estate. Because cities and towns are so overcrowded, many new housing estates are being built outside of towns, which can be inconvenient. An apartment, however, can easily be fit into a town in a much more convenient location.

Living in an apartment can more fun and convenient. Just make sure that you find the right one.