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4 Ways Landscaping Increases Home Value


During the property hunt, homebuyers look for ways to personalise a property and that includes it’s exterior.

Existing homeowners at some stage during their ownership and inhabitance of a property are also on the lookout for ways to add value and make better use of the property and it’s surrounds. Therefore in this article, we look at what you can do to your property to make it a more useable space and of course improve it’s appeal when it comes time to list it for sale.

Before we provide our tips, what is landscaping? It’s a term that is more often these days used as a verb to describe everything from planting a tree to painting a fence to modifying the natural structure of the land. Major works may require experts to provide soil quality reports and topology graphs. Therefore a designer, engineer and builder may be needed for addition of structures like decks or patios, as well as water features including pools.

In this article, we look at what you can do to your property quick-smart including: planting, lights, pathways.


One way of making sure that your home is appealing is to work on it’s access. Include pathways, around the home and to various parts of it’s surrounds.

A home that has well-designed pathways is more attractive to potential homebuyers, including those that may be physically impaired.

A clear pathway can help people living with disabilities such as the disabled using wheelchairs, or those with a walker, as the smooth and flat surface of the pathway will help guide them to wherever they are going within the compound.

Homes with a clear pathway naturally look welcoming too.

Add a patio or deck

According to Acworth, GA Landscaping Company, outdoor living space is among the must have requirements for most homebuyers.

Consider where you can add patios or decks to your home. Definitely make use the sun, morning and afternoon and where viable add a deck or two to extend your living space. Remember to check with local laws on the compliance requirements for the structures. While this addition is more time consuming and costly the value it can add to a home, most often makes it a worthwhile investment.

Lighting your home and landscape

Lights can be used to change the visual aspect of exterior and interior of a property. They’re used to change the ambience too. Have you every wondered why real estate agents take photos of properties with the lights on? It’s to touch our sense, visual and our feelings. Plus subdued lighting can hide a lot of flaws and imperfections, and highlight features of interest.

To light up the home, go for automated lighting services, so you don’t need to remember to switch the lights on and off all the time. Plus use solar power where you can to cut down on energy costs.


Remember that most crimes happen in the dark, so lighting as part of an overall home security strategy can prevent home invasions and burglaries .

Irrigation and watering

The green stuff needs water. Whether it’s potted plants and shrubs on your new patio or trees, grass, flowers etc in your garden they all need hydration. Where viable add in an irrigation system on a timer and consider running it on a solar panel. The more eco-friendly and energy efficient your property is the more attractive it is.