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8 Trending Colors You Can Use to Repaint Your House This Fall

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Home decor doesn’t come easily to everyone, but it’s something all homeowners can benefit from. The right style and set up of your home has a huge effect on how happy your space is. It plays into the way everyone who lives in the home interacts with one another and how welcome guests feel when coming over.

More so, home decor can transform boring or unused spaces into brilliant parts of the house. This goes for the living room, the bedrooms, and even the setup of the back porch.

If your redecorating focus is on the outside of the home right now, consider whether or not it’s time to paint the house. If that’s the case, take a look at these trending colors for fall that will look beautiful on the home’s exterior.

1. Off-Blue

An off-blue can be one of two things: either a mix of blue with grey or a mix of blue with green. Typically, the best off-blues are subtle, pastel-like tones instead of bold, in-your-face kinds of colors.

Pastels are usually associated with spring, but they work well in the fall if you know how to use them. A greyish-blue can be a great base for the exterior of the home which you can mix with fall accents on the shutters and the trim. Or, it can even out a deep fall-colored base if you use it on the exterior accents.

Green-blue has the same effect. It’s a nice fall color for homes that are in mountain ranges or tropical areas, as opposed to suburban or city settings.

2. Beige

Up next on the list of fall paint color trends is beige. Beige looks lovely on the home all year-round. It’s a nice way to refresh the exterior for a long period of time instead of having to change the paint based on the seasons.

Plus, it’s a great base to play with. Beige looks beautiful with a deep orange or a sharp red. It also pairs nicely with many shades of blue and it can even look good with a similar color, like apricot or cream. There are all kinds of possibilities this color offers the look of your home, you just have to be willing to use your imagination to make it look just right.

3. Soft Grey

Another color that gives homeowners a bit of room to play with is soft grey. This is different from the blue-grey mentioned above. Soft-grey is a dialed-down version of the metallic-looking color most people think of when they hear the word “grey.”

Instead, soft grey provides a nice canvas for the outside of the home. It’s a sophisticated color that pairs nicely with fall accents and springtime tones alike. Choose this if you want to paint the house all over now but leave room for creative seasonal expressions later.

4. Olive Green

To get more of a fall-like feel from the color of your home, opt for an olive green. This is a fun seasonal color that can withstand the test of time and look great all year-round.

Olive green has a way of catching the eye and turning heads without being in-your-face. It’s something that will say you have an eye for design, but not in a proud or boastful manner. This color looks beautiful with exposed wood or against white shutters.


5. Deep Green

Maybe take the olive green option up a notch and paint your home a deep green instead. This is a real head-turner. Deep green homes work well in mountainous areas, but they can also look good on large estates or country club neighborhoods.

It’s all a matter of how you make the green blend with the rest of the home.

If this is a color you absolutely love, find ways to subtly incorporate it on the exterior instead of painting the entire house green. Use this color on the front door or maybe for the shutters and the trim. This way, you’re able to express your creative side without going over the top.

6. Marigold

Nothing says fall like a rich, warm yellow – aka marigold. Marigold works wonderfully on the outside as well as the inside of the house. It’s a color you can buy when it’s time to paint house then keep the extra for an interior accent wall or to paint an entire room.

As far as the exterior goes, marigold makes a statement without trying too hard. It’s an inviting, interesting color, but it’s not something every homeowner would choose. This means you’ll be the talk of the neighborhood – a home decor trendsetter that everyone will be gushing over and trying to copy!

7. Autumn Maple

There’s marigold, and then there’s autumn maple. This is an obvious fall color to paint your home with. Autumn maple is like a mix of marigold, orange, and a touch of brown. It looks fiery and expressive but also warm and reserved.

Choose this color if you want your home to be the most unique one in the neighborhood. Keep in mind, though, autumn maple is best used in small doses and paired with complementary colors, instead of as the main color of the house. Combine it with a deep beige or a dark brown to make this color really pop.

8. Crimson

Speaking of making a color pop, don’t forget about crimson. Crimson is one of the most versatile modern paint colors out there. It works great as the main color of the home’s exterior but also as an accent.

Paint the entire house crimson red if you want it to be a real head-turner. If you do, though, make sure the accent colors are neutral to even out the boldness of the crimson.

Or, paint the house a soft grey and use crimson to cover the front door. These are just a few of the fun options this incredible color offers.

Choose the Perfect Trending Colors for Your Home

You can read about the trending colors of fall all day long, but it does no good for you until you actually pick something! Stop researching so much and start taking the necessary steps to paint your home.

Go to your local paint store and pick a few sample colors to play with. Paint sections of the house to get an idea of what you want, then, just go for it!


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