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Why Residential Properties Make Great Investments

real estate investment

Some people consider residential real estate investing as a venture requiring much effort.

Obstacles such as the need to have suitable tenants, sizeable loans, and having the right real estate property are one of the causes for some to be skeptical about investing in real estate. This, in some cases, can discourage individuals, which can often result in them missing out on a good opportunity for added income.

Much like any investment, there are risks and setbacks, and as an investor, you should be aware of those and make the necessary research and preparations. But despite the risks, the residential real estate industry is one of the promising investments today.

After all, there’s always a market for housing opportunities. Suppose you’re looking into exploring the real estate industry. As such, this article lists reasons why residential properties make great investments. Read below to know more.

Long Term Investment

Investing in a residential property can be a safe option for investors. The reason is that such property could significantly increase in value in the long run, especially if you bought such residential property at a pre-selling price.

Note that if there’s a constant and significant growth of infrastructure development in the property location, so does the property’s value. Ideally, the residential house or property becomes more attractive and favorable if the property’s area and nearby properties are also developed.

For that reason, you must take your time to study the properties you’re about to purchase and invest in. Understanding its value now and how it can be more valuable in the future can be one of the best ways to succeed in this type of venture.

Therefore, with that in mind, it can be advantageous to work with a real estate agent or realtor that’s adept at assisting you in finding quality real estate properties and properties with a high-value appreciation rate. While you can easily search for properties that are suitable for investment online, a professional can help you better assess their potential, ensuring your money’s worth.

As hiring a realtor is a good idea. You can find an experienced Scottsdale Realtor and others online if you want help with it. When you visit their sites, read their blogs as they provide useful information on investing in vacation rentals vs long-term rentals.

You Won’t Need A Lot To Invest

Many believe they would need a lot of cash to invest in a real estate property. However, in some cases, the opposite is more valid. You’ll have less difficulty finding monetary help if you have decent credit and have your debts under control when you find a property using a real estate crowdfunding platform.

Likewise, you may need only about 20% or 30% of the total price to have a down payment for a home when you obtain traditional financing. This signifies that you can leverage this—investing in an asset with more value than what you’ve invested. If the value of the residential property increases, you can have more money in return on investment (ROI).

Regular Income Source


Most individuals spend their money in real estate to rent out their properties and generate a steady source of additional income as time goes on. Depending on the property’s location, you could earn significant money when you buy and hold a property for rent to cover your extra expenses.

This extra income that you’ll earn from renting can also assist you in reinvesting more in various real estate properties. In fact, you can even consider broadening your real estate portfolio and investing in many properties simultaneously and enhancing your cash flow.


Likewise, it’s also vital to know that the cash you receive from the real estate business is more reliable and predictable than other businesses despite its risks. This, in return, makes for a good reason for investing in residential real estate.

The property’s location plays a significant role in boosting your real estate investment. More people are likely to rent your property if the location is convenient and highly accessible. And so always consider finding a property in a prime location to acquire the best benefits from residential real estate investing.

Flexibility Of Opportunities

Compared to other investments, such as bonds or stocks, where you don’t generally have control over how it will perform, residential real estate investment comes with unlimited opportunities. Real estate investors have many chances to put more money into a residential property.

To name a few, here are some of the ways you can invest in residential real estate:

Rental Properties

This is perhaps the most common way of investing and generating income from a residential property. This involves purchasing a property such as a house or a condominium unit and having it rented or leased under a given period and a fee.

You may be interested in the build-to-rent property investment strategy. We were selected by Redfin as a top build-to-rent expert! See the article we were featured in: Rent to Build Homes: What You Need To Know About The Future Of Single Family Rentals

House Flipping

This option lets you buy old houses and fix and renovate them. And then, after, you can engage a realtor’s service to help you market and sell the newly flipped house.

Real Estate Wholesaling

This investing option allows you to sell a house on behalf of the property owner without really purchasing the property. This means that less upfront investment is needed. And in this case, as the wholesaler and the property owner, you get into a contract about how much the property can be sold, with you keeping the profit at the end.

Wrapping Up

Investing in residential real estate can give the impression that it’s an investment opportunity requiring much time and effort.

Some of the reasons why it’s so may come from concerns about finding the right tenants and real estate property.

However, current real estate trends show that skipping residential property investments may not be the right call.

There are many reasons why investing in a residential property can be to your advantage. Some of those include not needing to have lots of cash before investing, lots of investment opportunities, regular income, and a form of long-term investment. Overall, the potential opportunities and advantages may sometimes outweigh the risks.


Hopefully, the information presented above can assist you in deciding why a residential property can make a good investment worth pursuing.