Why Land Ownership Can Help To Realize Your Dreams

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We all have dreams. Some of us are fortunate enough to have a vision of how we can realize those dreams. Your ideas and desires might offer you more money, greater freedoms, or the opportunity to explore your passions in life. It is part of the human condition to chase those dreams, so how do you plan to realize yours? When it comes to property, we tend to have a similar desire for space and land. Could land ownership take you another step toward realizing your life dreams?

Land can be used for many things. Sometimes local authorities may put restrictions on how you’re allowed to use or develop the property you own. That might not be a problem if you’ve acquired the land for a set purpose anyway. Here are just some of the dreams you might realize when you have your very own plot:


Living life off the grid is possible when you have enough land to support you. First, you need to consider how you will power and heat your home. Some parts of the country offer plenty of sunshine year round to justify a solar farm. You can earn money from leasing the land for the power generation. Large plots with a lot of wind could also be used to install a wind turbine for generating electricity. This is then sold back to the networked grid. Sometimes these projects are subsidized by government initiatives.

For your own use, you may install solar panels on the roof of your home. Of course, to live a self-sufficient life, it is best to purchase a plot that already has a standard home built there. You’ll also need space for outbuildings to store food that you grow. You’ll need to tend to the land to grow the food you want to eat. This may require a lot of work, and the weather may need to be favorable.

Large greenhouses can also be used to secure crops all year round. You might produce enough to sell at local farmers’ markets. If you speak to companies like Sports Afield Trophy Properties, you may be able to find land that can offer you fishing and hunting rights too. Find out more about the licences you may need to register on your local authority website.

Finally, you’ll need a fresh water supply. This can be cleansed and treated to be safe to drink. New technologies are making this more compact and more affordable for the smaller homes. Some will even allow you to harvest rainwater for toilet flushing or refinery for drinking. Harvesting your natural resources is very important when you’re trying to be self-sufficient. Extra freezers for food storage and extra care with water supplies will need to be considered.

It is certainly possible to become self-sufficient and off-grid if you choose to be. Technological developments can also keep you connected. Satellite TV signals and receivers for cell phones are much easier to install on remote properties. The internet has become an essential provision, so it’s worth considering your options for installing a connection.

Property Developer and Commercial Property Developer

Developing property is a dream many people have. Not only does it seem to offer a lucrative income, but it gives you the opportunity to flex your creative muscles too. Not all land is suitable for building permanent structures. A detailed and extensive survey of any plot is essential. Of course, many parcels of land currently for sale do not have the planning permission necessary. You wouldn’t be able to commence building any properties. When you are looking for land for building, make sure you will be granted permission to do so.

Many of us dream of building our own home with great views and plenty of land for gardens. This is a great reason for buying a plot of land. You can select the views from each of your rooms, and landscape the plot for entertaining, playing and relaxing. You might install a large pool or even a tennis court. The ideas are yours, and the property will be bespoke to your dreams and needs.

Building your own home is a fantastic dream to realize. Of course, those of you with bigger ambitions might be looking to build an entire community. Developing streets and community centers is hugely ambitious. It requires the approval and input of many development professionals. But just imagine putting your name to a brand new village or town?

Some land for sale is ideally situated for easy Freeway access or public transport for the city. This could make it viable for commercial development. You might want to build a big retail park or even a mall. Perhaps you’re looking to provide local tradespeople with low-priced business premises? These could be for trading or managing their companies. Office buildings, warehouses, bars and sports centers could all be part of your development dream.

Crop Farming and Vineyards

Have you ever dreamed of growing crops, farming your own land, or building up a vineyard? Many plots of land for sale are already used for these purposes. You would need a great deal of knowledge and expertise to continue a successful farming or growing business. Chances are the cost of the land includes the ongoing interest in that business, so you may need to pay more.

Developing land into arable or agriculturally viable plots is never easy. You would need to invest time and money in surveys to carefully analyse the soil, its water supply, and potential threats from local industry. This can take a very long time. Once you have your licences and permissions, you then need to carefully nurture the soil to provide the exact growing conditions you need. The larger the plot, the bigger the machinery you will need!

You might be able to rent farming equipment or negotiate terms with a neighboring farm owner. Creating a viable farming business from nothing can take many years. Still, the satisfaction of seeing that first shoot grow, or your first animal born on the farm, is enormous. As they say, “from small seeds, a mighty trunk may grow.” If your dream is to build this life from the ground up, then why not invest in some acreage?

Some crops will reap well from the first season. Others take years to nurture before you are rewarded. It’s important you understand the problems that growers can face with regards to pests and devastating weather patterns. Can you afford to lose another year before your efforts reap the rewards?

Vacations, Retreats and Spas

If you have bought a beautiful parcel of land, then why not share that investment (and earn a profit too). Even if you don’t have permission to build permanent dwellings, you may be permitted to build vacation bungalows. You might be granted rights for the business premises you need to run them. You might choose to erect a large events hall and install a restaurant. Activity centers and swimming pools may also be permitted.

If you think your land is beautiful enough, why not develop a retreat? Yoga, meditation, and massage therapies are typical offerings for retreat businesses. The fresh air and gorgeous views are what will appeal to your clients, so make sure you maximize their impact and protect their appeal. You might have hot tubs, sauna cabins, and accommodation huts to install too.

Spas are often situated in formal grand buildings. They tend to comprise hotel accommodation, five-star restaurant dining, and gym facilities. A premium price is charged as they are considered a luxury vacation. This means your investment here is likely to be much higher to create the kind of premises clients would expect. In particular, extravagant landscaping might be needed. This too could require additional planning consent.

The simplest and often most cost-effective approach is to develop a campsite. Quirky accommodation might be provided, like Yurts, or log cabins. Beyond that, you might simply offer a small plot for campers to park their RVs or erect a canvas tent. Running fresh water should be provided for washing, laundry, and drinking. You might also provide a small convenience shop offering staple foods and snacks.

Marketing your vacation business can sometimes be tricky as so many land and business owners are competing against you. The views and natural beauty of your land will be unique, so this will need to be highlighted in your campaigns. Of course, some land for sale might be considered to be part of an area of outstanding natural beauty. Always check you will have permission to pursue your chosen business interests before you buy.

What is your dream? Do you hope to become a big property developer, or wish to have a beauty spot you can call home? Buying land is a little different to buying buildings and property. You may wish to undertake more comprehensive surveys and legal checks. Boundaries will be bigger, and you may need to find the cash for fencing. You may also have legal obligations to tend the land or develop it within a limited timescale. It could all be worth it to follow your lifetime dream.

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