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Who Do You Need To Hire When Moving Home?

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Moving home can be a complicated process and whilst you can do a lot of it off your own back to cut costs, having professionals around can make it a lot less stress free. If you’re thinking of moving onto another property, here are the people you should consider calling up.


Surveyors are able to check the condition of a home, which can be useful when buying and selling. When selling your home, a surveyor can help notify you of any renovations you may be able to make to your home in order to up its value. For example, there may be environmental features you can add such as insulation or a conversion that can dramatically increase your home’s value. Even changing the paint can up value.

When buying a new property, hiring a surveyor may be useful for identify any future risks and preventing you from falling trap to them. There could be a crack in one of the walls that in the future could involve the whole wall having to be knocked down and rebuilt – a danger and a huge expense.

Estate agents

Agents can be great be great helping to sell your home. They know how to tap into the market and get people interested in your property, as well as being able to give tours when you’re not in. They do charge a commission fee and it is cheaper to market your own property, but you won’t have any of the expertise on your side. Besides, you can often negotiate agency fees.

Most agencies also serve as brokers for those looking to shop around for a property in their price range. Those looking for such a service may benefit to join Sky Five Properties – a top real estate broker. Some estate agencies will also work with mortgage lenders to get the best deals.


Buying and selling property comes with a lot of legal work, which requires a solicitor in most cases – unless you’re clued up when it comes to land law. Whilst many solicitors will offer such services, it pays to look for ones that specify in this area. You can often negotiate solicitor fees.

Removals companies

For relocating all the possessions, you can rent a van and do it yourself on the cheap. However, this isn’t always recommended, especially with long-distance moves involving lots of possessions in which you’re likely to make up costs in fuel. A removals company such as Pickfords can make the move fast and efficient. Companies that include packing materials such as cardboard boxes and bubble-wrap are worth looking out for.


These aren’t always necessary, but could spare you the chore of having to clean your empty home afterwards. Professional cleaners may also be able to get rid of tough grease and carpet stains, giving it more of a professional look.

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