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7 Ways To Save Money When Moving To A New Home


Relocating to another home and area is a challenge at best, yet we do it anyway. During our working life, we move more often. Some of the reasons we move around from city to city and some times interstate or offshore include housing affordability, career, and family commitments.

On average the British move home only five or six times in their lifetime, and with the GFC and now Brexit, people are preferring to stay put and only move when it’s absolutely necessary, whereas Americans move twice more often.

Relocation Money-Saving Tips

1. Remove Unused Items

Take moving as an opportunity to get rid of unwanted, unused items lying around your home. This will help you to pack lighter. And with less stuff, you will spend less money on the cost of moving.

2. Donate Or Sell Stuff

While packing up your belongings make a pile of things you wish to trash or sell. Don’t forget charity stores. Take useable items you no longer want nor need to consignment or thrift shops. If you want to cash in post chattels or personal items online using marketplaces like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

3. Never Buy Boxes

The cost of boxes can add up and if you’re moving a lot the cost can really add up. Consider flat packing boxes from your house moves and reusing them. Plus if time is on your side save the boxes from your online shopping home shipments. Your friends can save their boxes for you too and you can also get them on Craigslist.

4. Tax Deductions

Did you know that you can get a Federal tax break on some moving expenses if the move is work-related?

Relocation costs that may be deducted include hotels or other lodgings for you and your family and mileage or travel. Make sure to keep a list of all expenses as well as receipts as you never know exactly what you can claim until you’re advised by your accountant.

5. Do Your Research

Compare the costs and services of a few reputable movers in your area. Are the movers charging an hourly rate or a fixed fee? Get advise and referrals and feedback from your family, friends, work colleagues and also online reviews like Google or Facebook reviews. Remember the cheapest may not be your best option if they are untrustworthy or rough with your belongings and cause breakages or other damage.

6. Always Check Reviews

More on the need for due diligence. It’s a good idea to make sure that your movers are credible, and won’t scam you. All businesses need customer reviews so it’s straightforward to find good and not so good feedback on a service provider like a moving company.

7. Move During Off-Season

Where possible, consider your move during the off-season to save money. While summer is the hottest in temperature so you’d believe it was the worst time to move, it tends to be the most popular time for relocations.  Whereas off-season times throughout the year for example from September to May may be cooler, however, they’re also much cheaper.

During the low season, you’re sure to get a competitive price as well as other great deals on accommodation and travel. The low season is also when gas is cheaper.

Now you know how to keep the moving cost down you can enjoy the process and if your moving to Jacksonville, Florida, you’ve made a great choice. Why? Well, it has affordable housing, and even with a population of almost one million people, it’s got that big city appeal for the small city pricetag.


The local residents enjoy the games at sports venues, eating out at restaurants, and experiencing the great nightlife and entertainment this city has on offer. Plus there’s the attraction nearby Miami, Orlando, and Tampa.

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