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3 Important Tips to Help You Find the Right Mortgage Lender

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Choosing the right mortgage lender is an essential step during the home-buying process. Because choosing a mortgage is something that sticks with homebuyers for years to come, it’s essential to look around and ensure the mortgage that picked is genuinely the best one.

Fortunately, there are some easy tips to help homebuyers find the right mortgage lender for their situation.

Consider getting references and referrals

One of the best places to start looking is your local circle. Ask friends and family members about their own experiences with mortgage lenders. Anyone who bought a home within the past few years should be able to give their opinion on working with their lender – communication, customer service, and level of comfort are all factors discussed.

By doing this, current homebuyers can have a better idea of what it will be like to work with lenders in their area. If you’re buying a home in Kansas, for example, then nobody will know Kansas lenders better than current residents. However, it’s important to remember that not everyone’s experience is the same, and this should only be a starting point.

Decide between types of lenders

The type of lender you do business with is also an essential factor to consider. Homebuyers have the option to choose between several types of lenders, including credit unions, mutual savings banks, correspondent lenders, and mortgage bankers. These lenders vary in size, level of competitiveness, resources, and customer service.

If a homebuyer is interested in a more personal experience with a company that puts a heavy focus on communication and customer service, then choosing a smaller lender may be the way to go; especially in rural states like Kansas, going back to that example. But a larger lender may offer better mortgage rates in Kansas, so it’s up to the buyer to decide which type of lender is best for them.

Know the types of mortgages

Just like there are various types of mortgage lenders, there are also several types of mortgages. It’s important to know which mortgage is right for a specific financial situation because not all lenders offer all types of mortgages.

Homebuyers need to understand the differences between loan types, like FHA loans, VA loans, and conforming loans. Additionally, borrowers should know whether a fix-rate mortgage (which comes with a consistent monthly payment) and an adjustable-rate mortgage (which can vary depending on the market) is right for them.

While mortgage lenders are there to help buyers decide which mortgage is best for their financial situation, buyers should have a good idea of what they want so they can focus on lenders who offer that type of mortgage.

Compare options from different lenders

Homebuyers should always meet with more than just one lender. If they go with the first lender they meet with, they may miss out on a better rate or option from a different lender. So homebuyers need to do some research and meet with a few different lenders so they can compare their options.

A few critical factors borrowers should include loan fees, the loan term, the type of rate, interest costs, and prepayment penalties. Each lender may put together their mortgage options differently, so buyers must understand all of their choices from various lenders.

Deciding on a mortgage lender can be difficult. But since this is one of the most important decisions homebuyers will make – aside from actually purchasing a house – it’s essential that it’s done right. Following these few simple tips, like comparing options and understanding the types of mortgages and lenders, can help homebuyers have the information they need to make a confident decision.


Starting the process early and taking the time to make the right decision will be the best option for any homebuyer.