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What Tools You Need to Rent When Building an Extension


An extension is one of the most common home improvement trends of recent years. This is a trend that has always been consistent, but home extensions have become one of the most in-demand projects for those that are doing the work themselves or outsourcing to professional builders.

For those hoping to sell for a higher price, or for homeowners that are simply looking for more square footage, home extensions are a practical solution. However, building an extension means having access to the right tools and equipment. Many people act before they think and buy the tools that they need.

If you are planning to start work on an extension, then here are the tools that it’s much more cost-effective to rent.

Concrete Mixers and Mortar Mixers

Mixers are a common tool to see on building sites. They are massively useful for mixing concrete or mortar, either of which is things that you will most likely be using in your extension build. You can buy these outright, but unless you’re planning to build a lot of other projects then you can save yourself thousands of pounds by simply renting your mixers as and when you need them. Remember to learn the difference between concrete and mortar so that you don’t damage your equipment. Stick to renting this type of tool and the money that you save can go straight back into your extension project.

Tile Saws

If your extension is going to be utilising tiles, then you’ll be tempted to buy yourself a tile cutter. These can be relatively inexpensive, and it’s always nice to add to your tool collection. The problem is that most tile cutters have only a limited capability. You will need to make sure that you have the right type of cutter for the material that you’re using, and if you’re mixing and matching tile materials, you’re going to end up needing to buy more than one type of cutter. You can get around this issue by simply renting. That makes it much easier to get the cutter that you need, when you need it.

Diggers and Excavators

It simply makes a lot more sense to rent large tools and machinery. Unless you are in the building trade, there is only so much use you are going to ever get from owning your own digger. A mini-excavator is simply a smaller version of the type of digger that you’ll see on construction sites around the world, and they can certainly take on a lot of the back-breaking work that comes with building an extension. Find out more about diggers  and book your rental only for the days that you actually need it.

Paint Sprayers

These are an amazing tool to have when you’re working on any kind of home improvement. Able to apply an incredibly even coat of either paint or varnish, there is simply no end to the convenience and effect of using paint sprayers. Although these can be relatively cheap, they are also a lot of work simply to maintain. Cleaning them after use is essential; otherwise you will get blockages and clogged up mechanics. They will also need to be constantly refilled, and that simply adds to your ongoing costs. Hiring a paint sprayer means that you get the best match for your needs, without the hassles of cleaning and maintaining them.

Extensions are going through a surge of popularity for a variety of reasons, but the most obvious one is simply that they add so much value to a property. Budget is the main concern when building an extension, so make sure that you take greater control over your finances by picking out the tools that are more cost-effective to rent. The savings that you make mean having more to spend on the extension itself, meaning that you get more improvements without overspending.