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What To Consider When Renovating Your Home

property renovation tips

Home renovations conjure up conflicting emotions. You’ll get excited by the prospect of a newer environ, at the same time as feeling some trepidation and anxiety due to the construction and upheaval to your family routine. If you’re planning on living in the home during the refurbishment expect a even higher level of emotional conflict within. However preparation is key starting with weighing up the pros and cons of undertaking the project, and when is the right time to do it.

Renovating your home, requires not just plan A, things will go wrong so make sure you have a plan B and even a plan C.

Your Renovation Budget

It’s easy to underestimate the budget for renovations. Most of us don’t know the actual costs of services i.e. builders, contractors etc so when you’re working out your funding, add a contingency amount to cover the unforeseen expenses. All the best intentions with planning can be undone as anything can happen during major renovations, especially if there are unexpected structural changes. Adding a 20 percent buffer to your budget will give you peace of mind.


While you’re considering renovations for how you use your home, also consider how they can add to the property’s value. Maybe add in an extra bedroom or extra bathroom. It’s well known that bathrooms add value so if you can squeeze another one in why not do it!

How to choose products

When carrying out renovations, the onus is on you or your project manager to choose all of the products that will be included in your build, from structural materials to finishing touches, such as cabinets and corian work surfaces. Take time out to do your research and seek recommendations too. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and just say ‘yes’ to a product and later regret doing so. Remember you have a budget for every stage of the project and sticking to it especially in the early stages like product selection is really important to avoid budget blowout.

Allocate more money to the areas of your home that are well used like flooring. There are so many different products and solutions take your time and consider the wear and tear aspect especially for high traffic zones and pets. Plus if you’re changing the glass consider double glazing for it’s insulating and thermal qualities. Let the sun in but not the heat and keep the cold out. So much heat is lost through windows and therefore your heating is more expensive when the heat is escaping out the windows.

Renovating The Exterior

First impressions count and what is seen of your property initially is it’s exterior and grounds. Giving your outside space a facelift will do wonders for creating the right expectation especially with prospective home buyers. Landscaping can include the paths, fences, as well as your front and rear gardens.

There are so many areas of improvement when undertaking a renovation of your home. Starting with a budget will provide focus on what you want to tackle this time around. Remember Rome wasn’t build in a day so your renovation project can be done in stages and thus keeping stress levels to a minimum all the while knowing your property is improving for your enjoyment and in value.