What is LABC and Why Do You Need It?

construction workersLocal Authority Building Control is a not-for-profit organisation, representing the local authority building control teams across England and Wales. Their teams work with homeowners and construction professionals to make sure homes comply with Building Regulations. It’s important that you have building work approved by the local council, as it can guarantee that the work is safe and carried out to a high standard.

Most building projects, from small extensions to knock-throughs, will need to comply with building regulations; even if planning permission is not necessary. Building regulations are put in place to set standards for design and construction, in order to make sure projects are completed properly and safely. It can be a confusing matter for homeowners, especially if it’s the first time dealing with it.

How do Building Regulations work?

If you’re looking to have some work done on your home, you may need to talk to your local council building control team; they can help you to decide the best way to apply for approval. You will either need regulation approval for full plans, or Building Notices for minor work.

If you are selling your home and its had work done, you will need to make sure you have certification when you come to sell it. If you don’t, you can apply for something known as regularisation.

If you’re lucky, you might find a company that already carried out LABC-approved home improvement projects, and you can relax knowing they will handle it all properly for you.

Building regulations are incredibly important, and if the work carried out doesn’t comply then you could be forced to alter or take it down altogether.

Building regulations and replacement conservatory roofs

There can be some consumer confusion when it comes to building regulations and their impact. Not understanding the importance of building regulations can sometimes result in exposing your home to dangers. One such area of your home that should be improved carefully is the conservatory roof.

With many homeowners investing in a replacement conservatory roof to improve the conditions of the conservatory itself, it’s important that you are choosing a trustworthy and quality company. Still being a relatively new product, there is limited information available when it comes to tiled roofs and as such there are product types that don’t meet the necessary criteria.

Reroofing your existing conservatory with a solid roof requires a Building Regulation Application. This is because conservatories are lightweight and not generally designed to carry the weight of such a roof. If not done properly, there is a possibility that the whole thing could collapse.

As a homeowner and a potential buyer of a replacement conservatory roof, you should be aware of the ‘wrap-over’ roofs and the problems they can cause. A ‘wrap-over’ roof consists of a new tiled roof simply wrapped over the existing roof; essentially leaving the structure with two roofs and adding to the weight unnecessarily.

LABC has a responsibility to make sure that replacement solid roofs meet building regulations, making sure that you don’t encounter problems later down the line. So, when you’re thinking about home improvements, consider the important aspects of design and construction, and the company you’re using.

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