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Top Tips for Renovating Your Garage

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A garage is one of those multifaceted spaces in your home that can serve multiple purposes. What’s interesting is, for many people the garage is seldom used to house vehicles. For many, it is notoriously used as a storage room and therefore it ends up filled with items that have no use in the ‘real’ home. Nevertheless, if it’s not needed for the family’s cars then the garage can be used for many other things, whether it be an indoor gym, extra bedroom, or study area.

If you intend on transforming your garage or even creating one from scratch any time soon, then you should continue reading this article.

Below are a few top tips on renovating a garage and help you with your project.

Come up With Design

The first step to renovating or improving a garage would be to come up with an idea. Visualize what you want your garage to look like and then develop a design that brings it to life. A few ideas regarding everyday things you can do to your garage include:

  • Extra Room: One way to design your garage that could add value to your home would be to create another bedroom. This option, however, will take thoughtful planning and you’ll need to do things like insulate the floor and install water and sewer lines if there aren’t any already.
  • Activity Room: If you want to turn your garage into a fun escape for anyone in the family, why not put a few pool tables, darts and pinball machines inside? It can essentially become a go-to-spot for relaxation or fun which will benefit everyone.
  • Workshop: A garage can come in handy when you work with your hands and take on several DIY projects. Think about turning it into a workshop if you happen to fall into this category.

Keep Costs Low

A renovation that you hope to spend $500 on can quickly become a $5,000 project if you don’t effectively budget. With this in mind, work on keeping your costs low by sourcing affordable craft and materials. If you’re going to do it yourself, then you may want to get the essentials from Steel Buildings Kit as they have versatile and easy to assemble kits. Doing so would save you the hassle of having to deal with contractors and could work out far cheaper as well.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

One characteristic of a garage can be a lack of proper ventilation. However, this can lead to moist room air and mould damage. If you don’t want this, it’s essential that you start by installing ventilation grills and cutting off an inch or two from the bottom of the door so that air can get in and dangerous gases can escape. Another idea for ventilating the garage would be to buy and install an exhaust fan kit which should help improve ventilation too.

Stay Organized

Any renovation project you decide to do can get more hectic than you originally envisioned. To keep things under control, create a plan which includes a start and finish date as well as all of the tools and hands you need on deck. Keep everyone in the loop about what will be happening and when to avoid accidents, missing items or any major setbacks.