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10 Home Renovation Projects To Get You Ready for Open House

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Home prices are set to sore this year. They have already increased by 7% from last year. Low supply and high demand make this a seller’s market.

Take full advantage of this trend by considering a small home renovation. By making some small and affordable improvements you can maximize your home’s sale price.

Don’t let the results of the home improvement value calculator discourage you. Do these tips before your open house to command a higher value.

1. Repaint the Walls

You may love the bright purple paint in your bedroom, or the red in your living room. However, these colors are bold and can turn buyers off to your home.

The home should be the focus of the open house, not the paint. Paint the walls in your home a neutral color like white, grey, or beige.

This gives your home a neutral palette for buyers to imagine themselves in. These lighter colors reflect light that will make your home brighter and feel bigger.

2. Replace the Fixtures, Faucets, and Hinges

If you are not ready to do a full remodel on bathrooms and kitchens, replace the hardware instead. Updating the hardware on the cabinets will give them a modern feel.

Splurge on a fancy faucet for the sink. High arcs with a pull-down faucet are on trend right now.

Change out the lighting to a clean and simple fixture. Chandeliers have become more popular in the recent years.

3. Crown Molding the Easy Way

Crown molding in the right home can add charm and visual interest. You can do the project yourself with foam molding.

Foam molding has a coating of plaster. This makes it easy to cut to length with a handsaw and mount on the wall. Then use mud to make the joints disappear.

Homes with crown molding give buyers are a more expensive impression. This little addition will give your home a more stately impression.


4. Give Kitchen Cabinets a New Look

Give the kitchen a bright new look by painting the cabinets. Choose a bright color like white or light gray.

Create a modern look by choosing a darker color for the island or bottom cabinets. Then use the lighter color on the upper cabinets.

The secret to making cabinet painting renovations successful is in the prep work. Do not skip the prep work or you’ll create a worse look.

5. Put Down a Fresh Bead of Bathroom Caulk

Applying new caulk to the bathrooms is one of the cheap ways to increase home value. If the caulk is starting to look brown or crack it’s time for replacement.

The first step of this project is to remove all of the old caulk in the bathroom. Then give everything a good scrub to remove any mold or mildew that may be present.

Give all of the seams a wipe down with denatured alcohol. This removes any remaining dirt and moisture.

For an easy way to create a perfect line, place masking tape on either side of the seam. Then point the tip and in one steady motion, create an even smooth line.

Press the caulk into the seam by running your finger along the line. you should create a smooth line.

6. Revive Your Old Deck and Patio

A house with a pool for sale needs to have the patio area prepped for the open house. A sealer like this product will seal and protect the pool tile.

Treat any wood decking to restore the luster of the wood. Clear out any overgrown and neglected landscaping.

7. Embellish the Entrance

How to increase home value for an appraisal you ask? Improve your home’s curb appeal.

Buyers have been known to reject a home simply based on the curb impression. Don’t lose out on potential buyers because the front of your home isn’t kept up.


Rent a pressure washer to clean the front walkway and driveway. Clear out the landscaping.

Trim back overgrown plants. Remove any dead plants. Plant new foliage in any empty spaces.

Refresh your front door and shudders with a new coat of paint. Finally, place a decorative door hanger or front stoop decoration.

8. Reduce the Energy Costs

Have your local energy company give your home a free energy audit. This lets you see where the energy efficiency is lacking in the home.

Addressing these issues can save you money on energy costs while you own the home. Homes that are energy efficient are more valuable on the market when you go to sell.

Consider choosing low flow shower heads when you replace them. Replace outdated appliances.

Seal all of the windows to stop any air leaks. Add insulation to the attic to reduce heating and cooling costs.

9. Give the Fireplace a Facelift

Fireplaces are the focal point of the room they are in. So when they are dirty and dated, it is noticeable.

The first step is to give the fireplace an in-depth cleaning. Make sure to clean both inside and around the outside.

Consider painting the stones white to give them a new and fresh look. You could update the stone look by covering the current surface with a new decorative stone facade.

10. Bathroom Mini Makeover

Renovating a bathroom and kitchen can give you the most bang for your buck. Start by picking a bright neutral color of paint for the walls.

The cabinets can be given new life with new paint and hardware. If the cabinets are not saveable, replace them with a freestanding unit from a local home improvement store.


Breathe new life into the mirror by giving it a frame. Mount decorative hooks for towels.

Home Renovation Time

By choosing to do one or more home renovation projects you can increase the value of your home. Start by making small touches like changing out hardware or caulking.

Move on to painting the surfaces of your home. This could include the walls, the cabinets, or the outside of your home.

Consider if investing more in renovations will be a benefit. These include making your home more energy efficient or giving areas of your a facelift.

Don’t stop now! Read our 4 tips for selling your home.

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