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How to Make the Most of Your Garage’s Storage Space

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There is no set standard when it comes to organizing your garage. Every garage is different, just as the purpose and storage needs vary. While the garage is often visualized as a neglected and overcrowded space, it certainly does not have to be.

With some reorganization and creative thinking, the garage can become a prime storage space. If you are questioning how to make the most of your garage space, read on for tips and tricks on how to make it all fit.

Shelve It

The garage door might move, but the other three walls present prime opportunity to maximize and utilize storage space. Shelving is essential to maximize space and can result in a fun DIY project.

Shelving can be traditional wooden shelves or a more creative wire basket shelving that provides basket loads of space. Another wall storage option is a pegboard, a perfect place to add hooks. Install the pegboard on the wall, bonus points if you use varying sizes that provide varying hole sizes. The varying sizes mean different sized hooks for different sized needs. With this, you can store heavy items like wheelbarrows or everyday items like rakes and shovels.

Bins, Bins, Bins

Plastic bins are a timeless storage asset throughout the home. It allows you to separate and organize equipment. Don’t simply stack them against a wall though! Take it one step forward and look into a storage tower or color code the bins to make it easier to locate the needed items. If you are ultra-organized, conduct an inventory of bins or label them in order to make it easier to find the Christmas decorations or long-lost memorabilia.

Look Up!

Overhead storage is great for bulky items. By installing a rack overheard, you can take the storage off the ground and free up even more space. There are some great DIY projects that even help you take the plastic bins off the floor.  Some ways to make this storage more useful is to mix and match heights to store a variety of items. The ceiling is also a great place to put that bike that has been taking up a corner of the garage.

Think It Through

The goal is not only to create new storage space, but to carefully consider what needs to be stored where and work with precision. If you frequently pull out lawn and gardening tools, don’t store them in a difficult space to reach. Consider how often you’ll need to access what you are storing and make decisions based on this.

Holiday decorations might make an appearance once a year, so the overhead storage space is a good option. Another choice is to create zones in your garage, specifically storing based on the space. Zones might include the things you grab before leaving the house, need it now items, lawn garden tools, holiday decorations and other large items, frequently used items ranging from outdoor gear to sports equipment, and the workspace needed for various hobbies.

Know Your Limits

If you happen to use the garage for its original intent of storing your car, you’ll need to know the limits of your storage options. A great way to do this is a simple trick of hanging a tennis ball from the ceiling. Once it gently taps your windshield, you’ll know you are right in place. This creates a boundary so you’ll know just how far from the walls your storage can come, at least on the front end. Duct tape around the edges of the car can mark the barrier for the other walls, ensuring you always have room for the family car.

Of course, these are simply suggestions. Every garage, and garage owner, has different needs and options. At the end of the day, it is all about creating the space best suited for your needs. The storage options are only limited by your imagination and dedication. The garage can end up being the most versatile storage space in your home if you put your mind to it!

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