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Tips And Tricks To Sell A Large Property

house with fountain

Large properties can be notoriously tricky to sell, particularly in challenging economic climates. There are lots of tips out there to help you sell your property, but not all of them are helpful if your property is much larger than the average home. You will likely need to adopt a completely different marketing strategy if you want to make a move quickly. So where can you start?

What is the lifestyle you are selling?

A large house or plot offers a lifestyle that could be very attractive to your buyer. Selling that lifestyle is really important. So what is life like when you live in your home? Perhaps you have a farm, and your property is part of a business with a good income. Maybe your house is an equestrian center that gives you the freedom to ride your horses as often as you like? Or perhaps you have a luxury villa with a mini gym and swimming pool? That provides the opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle in spa-like surroundings.

Any artist would love the opportunity to be surrounded by lush landscape and have the slower pace of life to create. Workshops, large studies, or even a library would certainly appeal to a creative soul. Any home that is centuries old would be an attractive proposition for someone with a love for historic architecture. What’s the lifestyle you can sell?

What type of people want your property?

Once you know what kind of lifestyle you want to promote, you can figure out what type of person would be most interested in acquiring it. Big mansions are often priced in the millions. What type of person can afford that? Are you looking for a celebrity, an artist, an entrepreneur? Is it a family accommodation or more of a bachelor pad? You might even define your typical buyer by age.

Where can you find the people that might be interested?

Once you know what your unique or key selling point is and the type of person you’re marketing to, you need to start reaching out. Where do people like that tend to look for properties? Are they searching online, using their FaceBook accounts, or using exclusive agents?

Perhaps you have some ideas for reaching out to this demographic even when they’re not property hunting. If you are selling your country home complete with stables and paddocks, why not advertise at your local horseback riding club? If you have a sauna, jacuzzi and swimming pool to offer, why not pop your details on a card at the local day spa?

How to dress your beautiful home

Dressing to impress is essential when it comes to selling your home. Each room must be immaculate. Move out all the clutter and keep personal items to a minimum. Arrange the furniture to suit the room, but remember that you’re selling a large space. It should look as spacious as possible.

Always dress the room for its purpose. That means the dining room should look set and ready for a meal, not a workout on the exercise bike in the corner. The spare bedroom should have a ready-made bed, not your excess boxes and junk. The living room shouldn’t look like a kids’ play room. And the garden should be ready for relaxing, entertaining, or playing (depending on what you think it is best suited for.)

Making the most of photos and videos

Once the house is clean, tidy, and fresh, start taking your photos. These should highlight the best features of each room. Don’t worry if you need to take two or three to cover all the best angles. Perspective really helps, so avoid close-ups of features. Instead, include them as the focus of the photo, but in context with the surroundings.

The first photo for your marketing is likely to be the front of the building. This should show the front facade and entrance in its entirety. Hire a landscaper if it needs tidying, and make sure paint is fresh and clean. Do the same with the rear view of the house. Include any gardens and try to give the context of the space. Measurements are ideal. A video walkthrough has become a handy method of illustrating the layout and size of a house.

Developing a great agent relationship

You will need a specialist for your listing and viewing appointments. If you’re not certain about how to sell horse property, historic homes, or luxury houses, then use a specialist agent that is. They may even have buyers lined up to view your property from the moment you sign with them. Best of all, they can take care of all the awkward questions and the viewing appointments, freeing you up to do your own thing.

The agent you choose to represent your property is someone that you need to get on with well. Ask them for advice about where improvements to the layout, decor or presentation are needed. Don’t take offence and do ask for a candid response. It’s better that you get it right between you. This is soon to be someone else’s house, so how it appears for the few weeks between then and now shouldn’t matter to you.


Should you be home for viewings?

Many agents prefer homeowners to be out for viewings. This can help the agent gauge the buyer’s reactions better because they’re not trying to be polite in your company. It can be uncomfortable for you to have to show many prospective buyers around your home. You know the property well – perhaps too well. What you love about it might not be what others are looking for. Leave it to the agent to highlight what he knows this buyer might love the most.

Most people looking at your property will be looking to achieve a particular lifestyle. This isn’t just another home to them. They’re looking for a property that is within their budget and ticks all of the boxes on their list for the perfect home. Yours could be the one, but it takes a great intuition to know what will put a smile on a buyer’s face. Always use an agent, and don’t be afraid to make some changes to your property to meet those expectations.