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Three Tips For Dealing With Property Maintenance Contractors


There’s a great sense of pride maintaining your property to a high standard. However it has to be said while many homeowners love to try their hand at DIY (do it yourself), more often than not most tasks are better left to the experts. The property owner is better off looking after the maintenance checks and then calling in assistance from the home help, aka tradies or contractors when there’s a job to do.

Tradies such as carpenters, decorators, cleaners, plumbers, and electricians are trained and prepared for whatever your house can throw at them so to speak, and if you’ve got a challenging job you’ll get better service from whomever you’re dealing with when you build trusting professional relationships.

So how do you get the most from your tradies and other home maintenance professionals?

Be Professional & Businesslike

Tradies and property service providers are professionals, so respect their time and be businesslike in your communication. No matter who it is, a home cleaner in Brisbane or a plumber in Gold Coast or a domestic electrician in Perth, be ready for their visit on the day and time agreed.

Also make sure the area they are to work in is clear of movable contents and rubbish so they can get to work on the job immediately.

Healthy and safety is your responsibility while they’re in your home so consider all obstacles that may hinder their progress.


When service providers ask you for assistance make their jobs easier and faster, do it as it’s likely to save you money.

Cooperating may require a little effort on your behalf, and reward you with a smaller invoice.

Your property is their workplace while they’re working on your job so oooperation is a win for both parties.

Document The Requirements

Remember, it’s your money you’re spending and while you’re keen on the DIY approach the reason you’ve outsourced it is because you want an expert on the job and the tasks carried out professionally.

Therefore once you’ve found the right person for the job, articulate what the problem is to the best of your ability and then document all your dealings with the contractor.

The aim is to minimise the risk of misunderstanding of what the job is. You and the contractor need to be on the same page and with a statement of work an accurate quote can be provided. This action while very businesslike is appropriate for avoiding scope creep and a much larger invoice!


So there you have it – three tips on how to get the most out of your property service providers. We all work better within clearly defined boundaries and service providers are no different. Their job is hard enough and with an accurate description of the problem you’re experiencing, their solution can be identified faster and with your ongoing cooperation the job undertaken and completed quickly and ideally for less money.

Finally, don’t always go for the cheapest solution. A more lasting solution is what you should aim for otherwise you’ll be calling in the experts in next to no time and that is your time and money!