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Why Serviced Offices?


For all the aspiring entrepreneurs and business entities who look forward to getting affordable rental office space, getting serviced office is a prodigious solution. Available in the East, West, Central and also City Central areas, there are many serviced offices in the entire Singapore with their rental services.

Why serviced offices?

There are multiple reasons to why you’ll prefer services office and co-working space over an entire set-up on your own. While majorly it is the less of hassles you go through, you also end up cutting your costs on the same. Here are some of the fundamental reasons why serviced offices have become a choice.

  • Flexibility in the lease

You may need a small space for a particular period of time. The space requirements may differ at different times. Moreover, if you want to extend your contract to a month, the regular lease set-up fails to get you this flexibility. Thus, serviced rented office have flexibility in the lease.

  • Availability of rich corporate resources

If you are a start-up, making everything available at the office, in the beginning, is never cost effective. There are a lot of considerations one needs to take care of like the reception, internet, catering facility, training support, etc. SG Offices here ensure that you concentrate on the core business and leave the rest to them! The telephone lines, office furniture and the entire set-up, add up to the efficiency in your work.

  • Security

This is another factor that is a massive concern at a workplace. This is where serviced offices again excel. They not only take care of the amenities but also assure complete security. Security format includes in the form of CCTV cameras, biometric authentication, fingerprint scanners with 24×7 access and most importantly peace of mind.

Why SG Offices?

SG Offices have taken a great initiative in offering serviced offices in Singapore at quite budget-friendly fares. All you do is let them know your requirement, your budget, sitting capacity and get the apt solution.

The best about their services is their awareness of the whole of real estate of the state and thus, making sure to get you with the best offer and the best office within your budget.

Last but not the least, experiences with SG offices have only got professional, clean and an enticing business environment with ease in the form of services offices.

Final Words

Being proficient in the real estate, SG offices have benefited a lot of start-ups, freelancers and the aspiring entrepreneurs. It has helped them follow their dream and build their business. They are a recommended service providers due to numerous reasons. The quality of their services, immediate booking services, readily provided space and the availability of offices in the poshest locations of the country are some of them. Being a customer at SG Offices, they have helped us grow our business. While we concentrated on our core work and they took care of the rest. Moreover, our company saw a cost cut down to 30% having shifted to the serviced offices. They have been a great contribution to our business supporting us have grander visions for future.

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