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The Shocking Truth: Your Home Could Be Unsellable!

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Are you thinking about putting your home on the market? Maybe you already have, and maybe you do not see any interest at all. Or worse, people are coming over, stopping by and then moving on with neither a whisper nor a phone call about a potential offer. This could point to the fact that there is a serious issue with your property that is stopping it from selling on the market and turning away potential buyers. Here are some of the issues that could make your home unsellable.

It’s Unsafe

There are numerous ways that a home could be unsafe. You might be selling an old home. If your house was built before the late 80’s, there is every possibility that your home could contain asbestos. Asbestos was regularly used for insulation before this time and as such may be an issue in your home. If you do have asbestos on your walls or ceiling, it probably won’t be harming your health. It is actually only dangerous if it is disturbed. However, since the material has been linked to cancer, you’ll find it difficult to get anyone to buy your home.

Another issue with safety could be to do with the structure. Perhaps your home has structural issues, and this can be apparent in the doors sticking in frames or large cracks appearing on the walls. This suggests that the home is dangerous and as such will again stop people on the market from buying.

Expensive Repairs

Perhaps your home is riddled with expensive repairs that need fixing. One example of this could be a problem with damp on the wall or ceiling. We’re not talking about a small wet patch here but rather a dark stain that suggests that the wood in the wall is rotting. It might even lead to a serious case of mould in a room and could, potentially also include problems with a bug infestation. All these issues are difficult to fix, and that could be the first answer to your issue.

Just make sure that you are fixing any problem with the property before you put it on the market. While expensive it is possible to completely remove asbestos from your home. Though you will be looking at a bill of something like ten grand.

Sell Off The Market

Alternatively, you can consider selling the home to a business rather than a private individual. If you use a home buyer company, you can sell the property at market price, warts and all. So, you’ll save yourself a fortune on fixes and repairs while still profiting from the sale.

Cut The Cost

Last but not least, a home that’s unsellable can still be marketed as a fixer-upper. All it needs is some TLC, and this could be a dream home – is the idea that you’ll try and push towards the interested, keen buyer. You’ll need to make sure that you can sell the idea of your home being a project to invest in rather than the finished product. Obviously, this is going to impact the asking price, but with the right price tag, you’ll still be able to get it off the market.