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Technology in Real Estate: How Tech Influences the Market

San Francisco in 1968 was the height of the Flower Power movement. Haight Ashbury was a sea of dashikis and peace signs as far as the eye can see. In 2018, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco is $3,552 a month thanks to the presence of Silicon Valley. This is just […]

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Can Modular Homes Solve Britain’s Housing Crisis?

It’s a rarity to find consensus among all political parties but there is one subject on which they are all agreed – there is a housing crisis in the UK. But what are the problems and could modular homes be part of the wider solutions? What is ‘the housing crisis’? The post-war housing boom never […]

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Want To Be A Landlord? You Need To Read This

Becoming a landlord seems like a good idea when you first consider it. However, when you take a closer look there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. You have structural issues, legal issues and, financial issues to deal with and this can be overwhelming when you are starting out. Before you […]

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Saving Big Bucks When You Purchase Property

Buying property requires a lot of forethought, and carefulness when you’re going through the process. It’s an expensive thing to do, and for most people, it’s the most they’ll ever spend on a single asset. By the time you’ve paid off your mortgage, you will likely have paid hundreds of thousands towards it. In addition […]

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What will the UK Budget 2017 bring for property investment?

The UK housing market has been in turmoil for some time now, especially for property investment. With house prices going up, it was almost too good to be true and just as soon as profits were booming, the government slapped taxes here there and everywhere to put the celebrations firmly on hold for another couple […]

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Impact of Brexit on Property Legislation

On March 29th, 2017, Britain finally triggered Article 50. In doing so, it officially started the process of leaving the European Union within two years. The Brexit decision, which follows the 2016 referendum vote, will inevitably impact various aspects of the UK’s economy. Perhaps the most significant element, however, revolves around the property market.

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