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Staging a property on Sale? Learn how to design it with minimal effort

wooden table

Ask any successful realtor and they will tell you selling a house isn’t actually about selling the house at all, it’s about selling a dream.

When prospective buyers come to view a house, they’ve already made up their minds on the location and the area in general so now it’s all about the house. However presenting a house with no furnishings offer up a lot of empty space and people aren’t that imaginative, hence the need to ‘stage the property for sale’.

According to Wikipedia, A research conducted in Sweden mentioned that houses that were staged raked in 10% more, so dressing the house so to speak is worth doing. But setting up a house isn’t easy, it requires interior design skills and most importantly a style that appeals to the prospective buyers.

But what if you have to stage a house quickly without knowing all the latest trends? Here are a few staging ideas

Closets Half Full

This is a psychological trick used by smart home stagers. When you are showing closets for clothing, it’s not good to show an empty closet. At the same time, it doesn’t make sense to fill the cabinet with clothes, because it shows there’s lesser space. You need to place 30% of a person’s wardrobe. This way, you show the clothes, but you also show that there’s ample space.

Brighter Bulbs

People don’t like dull. They don’t like dull friends and they don’t like dull homes. To counter this, you can get bulbs with extra wattage which makes the place look brighter. A perfect home is bright and happy. A well lit area is always more preferred to a dull area.

Make it smell right

This is so underrated. Everything in a house staging isn’t just about visual stuff. Women’ olfactory lobes are stronger than men and they can smell a bad odor from a distance. When you are staging properties, get appropriate fragrant sachets that you can place in the bathroom, the kitchen, the wardrobe and storage areas. People’s moods are automatically lifted when a place smells right.

Wooden Furniture

Wood has been the staple go to material for furniture for centuries. And it still remains the best for a home because of its durability and how it looks. But it’s even more perfect for staging a house because, without too much effort you can make the house look great.

With wooden furniture you don’t have to worry too much about color combinations.


Take a look at the image above. It’s a simple wood table in an unfurnished apartment. It blends into the environment immediately and gives it a premium look.

Here is another example from Facebook Singapore. The wooden table is provided by Woodcapitol. In a predominantly empty space, a wooden table makes the area look beautiful.

If you had to have a table apart from wood, then you would have to worry about color and if the design suits the environment and what not.

Wood is also good as a decorative piece as it isn’t too jarring and blends into the surrounding. A major problem that arises with the decor of your house is the mixing and matching of things. The sofa needs to blend with the table and what not.


When most of your things are made of wood or has a wooden finish, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is the color of wood. And you can match your furniture easily.

As a realtor, fret not. Use wood to the maximum. It’s one of those materials which won’t be an overkill when you use a lot of it. Most bars and pubs around the world use wood in their decor because it blends and looks great.

Check out their Suar Furniture too.

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