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Most Vital Steps to Take Before You List Your Property for Sale

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Are you ready to move on to new adventures? Chances are you’re thinking of selling your home. Of course, to get the best price, you’ll need to be smart about it. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough not to need bed bug exterminators, but it is still wise to follow these steps to ensure your home sells at the highest value possible.

1. Assess Its True Value

Don’t assume a visual inspection is enough to know the true value of your property. Ask a property inspector to perform a full inspection. He or she will make a list of anything that you should repair. On the off chance that the inspector doesn’t find anything, you can list your home as pre-inspected, which shows potential buyers your house is a good investment.

2. Hire a Pest Control Company

Your home inspector may find evidence of pests. If so, you’ll need to hire someone to perform pest control. Whether you need bed bud exterminators or someone to handle termites, ensure the company you hire has experience with your specific pest problem. Remember, not all companies are created equally.

3. Make Necessary Repairs

Now that your home is pest-free, you can begin to repair anything else the home inspector mentioned. Address the big issues before putting your home on the market so that you can sell it for a higher price. You can then choose to repair small issues or negotiate with a buyer on pricing terms regarding the repairs. Remember, you can also sell the home as-is, although you’ll make less money.

4. Hire a Realtor

Hire a realtor to help you sell your home. He or she can act as a buffer who can determine which buyers are truly interested and which are “just looking.” A realtor also has specialized knowledge in how to sell a home, including how to sell the surrounding neighborhood. Even better, he or she can help you with all that pesky paperwork after you sell.

5. Stage the Property

Now that your home is repaired, clean and has a realtor, it’s time to stage it. Remove as many of your personal belongings as you can before taking pictures or holding open houses. This makes it easier for potential buyers to imagine themselves living in the space. Add some unique touches where you can and then have a photographer take professional photos. Your realtor can help you with the staging and photography process.

From the home inspection to hiring the realtor, it is important to seek out certified professionals. The same holds true for bed bug exterminators and other pest professionals. Contact a local company with a good reputation if you need anything from a roofing professional to someone to perform termite inspection and treatment.