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Selling Your Home Quickly

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When it comes to selling your home, you ideally want everything to go through as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, if you do not know how to sell a house, this could be easier said than done. In this post, we will go through the main things that you can do to promote a quick sale.

Clean Up Clutter

There is little that is more damaging to your home sale than having loads of clutter. When someone looks at your home, they want to get an idea of what their own things would look like in there. If the house is cluttered up, this becomes more difficult.

Before putting your house on the market, do a big cleanup. If you have items that have some value to get rid of, sell them off and put the proceeds towards revamping your house.

Be ruthless. Get rid of as much junk as you can. If there is stuff that you cannot bear to part with, consider hiring a storage locker to get it out of the way.

Do Some Maintenance

You know that squeaky screen door that everyone has now gotten used to and no longer notices? Oil the hinges. Fix any other small maintenance issues like cracked windows or missing handles before putting the house up for sale.

A buyer wants to know that the home has been looked after. If you don’t fix up the smaller issues, they are bound to wonder what bigger issues you have let slide.

Freshen Things Up

This means cleaning the home thoroughly. Make sure that everything is clean and clear from the ceiling fans to the grouting of the tiles.

If necessary, consider painting your home to give it a really bright and clean feel. Stick to neutral colors when doing this so the house has wider appeal.

Sort Out the Garden

Of course, all the paint in the world is not going to make up for an unkempt garden. The garden is often the first introduction that prospective buyers will get to your home. Keep the grass tidy, the verges trimmed and make sure that everything is clean.

If need be, get a professional landscaper in to ensure that everything is shipshape.

Consider Updating Your Kitchen and Bathroom

If these areas look dated, it will detract from the value of your home. If you do not have the budget to redo the kitchen, at least consider updating the appliances or resurfacing the cupboards.

Some people like the idea of a renovation project but most would prefer to move into a house that needs less work.


Also, the expense of updating these areas can easily be recouped because they have a positive effect on the house’s value.

Make Sure the House Looks Light and Bright

With some older houses, the living areas like the kitchens and living room would be separated by walls. This is quite an outdated concept and may be blocking out a lot of light.

Consider calling in a contractor to pull down walls between these areas to create more light and space.


In all things, remember the golden rule of real estate – clean lines, and bright open spaces never go out of fashion. Here is a checklist for keeping your home clean and tidy.