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Portable Storage Box or Self-Storage: Which is Right for You?

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If you have too much stuff or are in the middle of a move with nowhere to store your belongings, or even searching for somewhere to put the overflow you’re your small business, then you are probably considering renting a storage unit. However, today, there are many different options out there when it comes to the type of storage unit you can rent. Two of the most popular are self-storage units and portable storages boxes. The problem is deciding which of the two is better when it comes to meeting your needs. Read on below for a few of the benefits of portable storage boxes to help you make up your mind.


One of the biggest advantages of renting a portable storage box over a self-storage unit is the convenience the portable one brings. Unlike self-storage where you have to transport your items to the lot, these storage boxes are delivered to the location where your items are waiting to be packed away. Another added benefit is that you know exactly how much you can pack into the box without having to guess and take stuff out when you have put in too much.

Let’s You get on with Your Busy Life

Portable storage boxes are great for letting you get on with your busy life. If you are having to go back and forth to your self-storage unit with loads of stuff that you need to store, then you are taking time out of your busy life to travel. With a portable storage container, you can simply walk outside and put the items into the unit for transport. Not only does it save you time that is better spent packing, it saves you on gas as well.

Saves You Money

Traditional or self-storage can get expensive, especially if you are moving and have to go back and forth to store your boxes and other items. With portable storage, you load the stuff into the box and then it is transported to the secure location that you have chosen. Taking the portable storage option means you can take your time to pack and not have to worry about paying extra for that moving truck you would have otherwise rented to transport your stuff.

Peace of Mind

The biggest benefit of portable storage boxes is the peace of mind it gives you knowing that your belongings are safe and secure in a climate-controlled storage box. It also gives you peace of mind because you know where your precious belongings are and can keep them right there in your yard if that’s what you want to do. When you’re done with the storage box, simply contact the company you rented it from and they will come to pick it up. Easy as pie!

These are just a few of the top benefits of renting a portable storage box over a self-storage unit for your storage needs. From saving you money to letting you live your busy life, portable just makes good common sense and good financial sense as well.