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How to Move a Mattress When Moving into a New Home


If you are moving into a new home all by yourself without the help of professional movers, then it sure will be a challenging task. Not only do you need to move heavy furniture by yourself, but you also need to move your mattress.

Have you ever tried to carry or transport your mattress before? If so, then you must have known by now how difficult it is. Hard to move, floppy, and heavy, beds are, for the most part, procrastination and lethargy of the furniture world.

Are you curious as to how to move a mattress minus the stress? Well, we are here to assist you. For a little help, we have outlined some tips and guidelines that will aid you in moving your mattress intact and clean as you transport it your new home. Read on!

Evaluate Your Bed

Before you clean, cover, and move your mattress, think about its age. For instance, if your bed is at least ten years old, uncomfortable, or sagging, then you may want to buy a new one. Take note that moving into a new home is the best opportunity to think of getting a new bed if you need one.

There are plenty of options available in the market today, for example, purple mattress. But before you decide to buy, be sure to research and read reviews such as purple mattress reviews to guide you and help you with your decision.

However, if you think that your mattress is still in the best shape, then you don’t have to buy a new one. You need to learn how to transport a bed.

Mattress Size

Is a large mattress more challenging to move? Well, it is not always the case—for instance, a queen size mattress and a split king size mattress. Even if a split king bed might be more significant when setting up, it separates into two parts. Also, a queen size mattress does not.

Therefore, a queen size bed could genuinely be more challenging to move and transport through corners and narrow hallways. It is crucial to think of things like this if you plan to move your mattress. To stay away from unnecessary situations, ensure to get the size of your bed before moving it. Keep in mind that it’ll be challenging to move and manoeuvre your mattress if it’s an inch longer than you expected.

The Right Car

Most beds will not fit inside the hatch or trunk of a car. However, some vehicles are great for transporting a king-sized, queen-sized, double, full, or twin mattresses. Nearly all beds of any size will, for the most part, fit into a standard pickup truck. So, if you can rent, borrow, or own one, then you are in excellent shape.

But if you have a van with removable seats, then one small bed might fit without causing hassle. Moreover, a large sport utility vehicle is huge enough to carry most beds on the roof, given that the bed is appropriately secured. Small vehicles might be able to carry small mattresses on the roof.


So, what will you need to move and carry your bed on the roof of your car? Some of the tools you should have are mattress bag, work gloves, scissors, duct tape, rope, and a friend to help you out.

How to Secure the Bed on Your Car’s Roof

Say, for example, you do not have a van or a truck big enough to fit your mattress, so you are not taking the roof route. Well, it could work out fine if you are not moving a queen-sized or king-sized be with a beetle. However, you’ll need to take these steps in mind.

  • First of all, you need to wrap your bed with mattress bag or plastic. Ensure that the plastic is fastened and secured because the wind can quickly tear the plastic if it is not appropriately secured. Or it can make a sail that can result in losing the mattress.
  • Purchase enough sturdy rope to fasten your mattress both across the middle and lengthwise. Keep in mind that beds at least 84 inches long (7 feet) need a few more feet of rope at every end. Thus, at least 14 feet of the rope must be used for one rope. On the other hand, beds at least 76 inches wide, need more rope. You need to multiply the size of the bed by four, and the product will be the rope’s length. Although you need a strong rope, you need to be able to bind it. Therefore, select a rope that is sturdy yet not too hard or thick to manage.
  • The next step is to put the mattress on the roof of your car. Ensure that it is placed in the middle. Then secure the mattress by tying the ropes over the mattress. Make certain that the ropes are fastened securely.


Since you are carrying a mattress on your roof’s car, you need to ensure that it will not impede your view. Be safe when driving. Also, ask your friends to assist you in moving the mattress. Moving a mattress won’t be easy. However, knowing and learning how to move and carry it appropriately will be worth it when your moving day comes. Take the tips and guides in this article in mind.

Many thanks to Analisse Weathers for this contribution. She mainly writes about home improvement, home renovation, home repairs, and just about anything related to home-related subjects. Analisse loves to write these topics as she aspires to become an interior designer someday. In her spare time, she spends time with her family and friends.