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New Homes… Build Or Buy?


As financial desperation begins to rear its ugly head during the process of buying a home, it becomes a perfectly feasible question, is it cheaper to build your own home instead of buying one? It is a justified question when we are faced with fees upon fees, and the process itself is so time-consuming that you may think it would take a lot less time to build one anyway! Although the idea may not be as far-fetched as it would seem. There are certifiable ups and downs to going down the buying route, but the same applies to the building process. Let’s look at the differences.

Buying A Home

The first major thing to think about is the convenience factor. Buying a home means that it is already there, and it is, to an extent, already in the condition you want it in. You may wish to undertake some renovation depending on how bad the quality is, but the house will be cheaper if a lot of work is required. The process of buying a new home is much more streamlined than it would be to build one. Working with reputable estate agents, once you have been pre-approved by a lender, means that they will take the bulk of the queries and advice you ask them for. If you have a million questions, then they should and will be able to answer them. The downside to buying a home means a sense of compromise. You will have to make sure the home is up to scratch and invest in new home inspections to make sure the quality of the building is up to code. If the building is old, it may, in some respects, be “unhealthy,” in which case you will have to pay additional fees for renovation. Of course, the overriding factor will always be the cost. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy an existing home, but not always. And compromise is the most prominent thing about purchasing a home. It may not be everything you hoped for, but if it’s 90% perfect, then do you want to forgo that other 10%? It’s your choice.

Building A Home

The fact is that building your home means you can have it exactly as you want it, and this can be the overriding factor for many people. And it is seldom spoken of, but a new home can be healthier for you than any old builds. The new energy codes include better HVAC, and overall, it will save you money on your utilities like your heating bill. While it is a bigger cost upfront, the investment you pay upfront is something that you will be able to recoup in lower energy costs. That being said, the investment will be a lot more than when you pay for a mortgage. The contracts with the builders, the budget, and the land are things which may end up costing a lot more at the start of the process. But, the satisfaction in creating your own home will be a lot more fulfilling than purchasing one.

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