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Moving Your Home: Relocating Does Not Need to be a Backache Waiting to Happen

moving home

Moving is hardly ever a pleasant experience. Everything, from finding a house, to boxing everything up and then unboxing them at the new place can make you scream “Never again!”

But, unfortunately, you usually can’t stay in the same place forever. The dreaded time will come again when you’ll find yourself surrounded by boxes and packing tape.

However, moving to a new home doesn’t always have to be an overwhelming experience. The key is to prepare a foolproof plan well before the D-day, and execute it as efficiently as possible when the time comes.

Below are a few useful tips that will make your move less stressful and perhaps even a little enjoyable.

1. Organizing Early

Unless you suddenly decide to skip town, you’ll probably have at least a month before your moving day to figure out your strategy and itemize everything you intend to accomplish.  Do your research regarding transportation and moving companies, and identify the best options, depending on your budget. And, if you reckon you’ll need help packing, let your friends know early enough.

Planning slowly and thoroughly will ensure everything is streamlined on moving day, and when it’s all over, you’ll be proud that you saw your strategy all the way to the end.

2. Make Pre-move Visits To The New Place

Settling in your new home can be just as involving as getting your stuff out of your old one. So, even as you spend the few weeks before the move making a plan, spare some time to visit the place. This will give you the chance to identify what needs to be done before you move in, be it cleaning up, changing the locks, painting, organizing the closet, installing switch plates, and so on.

Even if the old homeowners are yet to vacate, visiting them will help you size up the house so that you can know where all your stuff will go. You may even get some useful insight about the home and the neighborhood.

3. Declutter As You Pack

You may be tempted to throw everything in your boxes and walk out, but the better approach is to pack with intention. Traveling lighter not only makes boxing and unboxing easier but is also cheaper. Move around the house to figure out what you need to carry and where it will fit in your new home, and after that, make proper arrangements to dispose the extra stuff.

Moving is all about starting fresh, so take that opportunity to review your possessions. Not everything in your old home should have a place in your new one.

4. Keep Your Movers Close

If you’re moving from a tiny studio apartment, you may be able to pull it all off yourself. If you have a lot of stuff, however, consider hiring professional movers.

Once you’ve identified a good company, communicate with them and explain all your requirements before booking, so that you can get a cost estimate. Don’t forget to mention details like your heavy or delicate items, furniture that may need disassembling, and any access restrictions – a small elevator, steep stairs, narrow driveway – that your old or new home may have. And when the day comes, make sure you’re around to supervise, and don’t forget to appreciate their hard work once they’re done, with some lunch or a generous tip


Keeping your movers close will eliminate unwelcome surprises and make the process easier for everyone.


Anyone that has ever relocated to a new house, will probably tell you that moving is one of the most stressful events in life. Nevertheless, proper planning, determination, and a few extra pairs of hands can make all the difference between a stress-free move and complete disorder.