Moving From The Country to the City – What to Consider

city at nightIf you and your family are planning on moving from the countryside to the city there are various things that need to be considered beforehand. Whether the move is for a new job or just because you fancy a different pace in life, here are our list of different things that you are going to need to consider before making the big move

Different Expenses

Obviously there is a world of differences between the different expenses that city and country life bring. Country life for starters is all about just jumping into your car and getting everything done from the comfort of your own vehicle. Whereas city life is more about getting stuck into life on the public transport system, which generally proves to be the quickest way to get around any heavily congested city.

The different costs in property prices can also come as a bit of a shock for countryside folk transitioning into city dwellers. A city apartment, the size of a countryside houses living room can cost the same as the entire rural house, which can sting a little when feeling the pinch on the size front. So make sure you go into the city property search with an open mind to try and cushion the blow on how much further your money seems to go in the countryside.

Different Properties Variations

The types of properties in cities are obviously also very different to the types of properties you’re more used to in the countryside. The biggest difference is obviously going to be the difference in space. City apartments although generally are smaller than countryside houses, they also offer many other conveniences that more than make up for their smaller rooms. Their close location to supermarkets, shops, bars and restaurants. Their close proximity to public transport links and the fact that with city flats, you tend to walk out of your front door and straight into the heart of your community, which brings its own kind of energy and charm.

If you are going to struggle with smaller flats and you don’t have an endless budget your are probably going to want to consider being more on the outskirts of the city, in the more suburban areas, where the homes will be slightly bigger and your money will go a little further. So it’s important to think about what are your non-negotiables and what are the areas that you are willing to be flexible on and then plan the type of home and the location of your new home, based on those factors.


As covered above, moving to the city does come with a reasonably heavy amount of financial responsibility. Therefore you are going to have to put in some hefty research into the jobs market of the city you are moving too. It is important that you clarify that there are some really solid opportunities for you in your new city life, before you up sticks and take on this new, exciting, city life.

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