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Making Your Property as Accessible as Possible


When it comes to selling a property, you want to ensure that you open it up to the widest audience possible. After all, the more accessible it is, the larger the pool of potential buyers who will be attracted to it. You’ll be glad to know that there are a few different things you can do to make your property much more attractive on the market, standing out from its competitors and making for a much quicker sale. So, if you’re starting to plan renovations or are looking for some inspiration as to how to spruce up your property for greater mass appeal, here are a few areas to focus your attention and efforts.

Knowing Your Locations

When investing in real estate, make sure that you are fully aware of the benefits of the location of a property before investing in it. While a house out in the sticks may sound idyllic in theory, most people have responsibilities that mean they need to live in more built up areas. Opt for properties that are near to amenities, such as transport links, schools and stores.

Access for the Disabled

Nowadays, more and more places are being renovated to allow access for the disabled and it’s about time! Everyone deserves to be able to access the same places that able-bodied people can. As lawyers at David Chermol would be able to tell you, people are becoming increasingly aware of issues of accessibility and more laws making life easier for the disabled are being enforced, meaning that more options are becoming available. Expanding your property’s accessibility will mean that you open up your doors to disabled buyers or buyers who have disabled family members or friends. This can be done by installing ramps to front doors and ensuring that doors throughout the property are wide enough to allow easy wheelchair access. You could also have your tenancy or sale agreement created in braille or read out on an audio CD for those who are blind or have limited eyesight.

Changing Let Agreements

If you are letting a property rather than selling it, you can make small changes to the let agreement to allow for more people to move in. Let’s take pets as an example. Most people will turn their back on a property as soon as they read that pets are not allowed. After all, they are members of the family and people are unlikely to leave them behind, no matter how impressive a potential new home may be. If you open up your property to allow for pets, you are likely to see a huge influx of applications for tenancy. Most pets are housetrained and rarely actually make all that much mess. You can always add extra terms and conditions to your contract to ensure that they will pay for any damage to your property caused by a pet.

Remember, you want to make the property that you are selling or renting as attractive as possible to as many people as possible. This will make for a quicker sale or better landlord-tenant relations. So start making changes today!

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