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Landscaping Return on Investment: How Much Value Does a Landscaped Yard Really Add to Your Home?

A well-landscaped yard is a beautiful yard.

You get to show some artistic flair when you stay on top of your lawn maintenance. Caring for your home’s exterior requires you to be masterful, and to plan accordingly.

The advice below will teach you about the importance of landscaping your yard, and how it will pay off for you in the long-term.

How Much Value Does a Landscaped Yard Add?

The first thing you’ll find about quality landscaping is that it makes your home more livable. It’ll look beautiful and you’ll be comfortable and proud every day, which improves your quality of life.

In the meantime, it also adds a tremendous amount of tangible, financial value to your home. Read on to find out exactly how.

1. The Money Is in the Curb Appeal

Adding loads and loads of curb appeal is worth the time and money when you realize the increase in property value that you receive from it.

The studies back the fact that curb appeal is one of the biggest ROI providers that builds equity in any property. Things like improving your front yard, redoing your driveway, changing your front door, planting flowers and bushes, improving the exterior, and choosing different paint colors can add tremendous curb appeal to your property.

A well-landscaped yard is the best curb appeal improvement you can make, and your lawn becomes more nurtured the longer and more frequently you care for it. Hiring a skilled landscaper will ensure that you’re always getting quality work on your grass, fresh mulch, new flowers and tree care.

2. Hire a Landscaper to Get the Full Range of Benefits

So how do you go about bringing in the best landscaper?

First of all, you should look into their past work. This tells you all you need to know about which part of lawn care they’re best at, what products they use, how much they charge, and more. Bringing a landscaper on board to redo your entire property will usually cost you between approximately $3,000 and $8,000.

Start with a consultation so that they know how to extract the best value from your yard. You will be able to add lots of equity to your property and will be glad that you reached out to some seasoned pros.

Different landscapers have different specialties. For instance, Scott Byron focuses on creative residential landscaping and lawn maintenance.

3. Look Into the Changes That Make the Biggest Difference

You’ll need to focus on the landscaping changes that will make the biggest impact.

For instance, planting trees change your property in new and different ways and allow you to really add equity. Routine lawn care plays a huge role, as does caring for your fixtures, such as your patio and driveway.

The more you become diligent about how you take care of your landscape, the more you will reap the rewards of the work.

Put the Work in to Get a Wonderful Landscaped Yard

Now you can see just how important it is to have a landscaped yard.

However, nothing happens overnight and without help. Getting a beautifully landscaped yard requires you to be diligent, remain consistent, and hire professional help. Professionals can create magic with your yard, which also boosts your property value.

All you have to do is find help and plan wisely.

If you’d like to talk about property value and home improvement, contact us to learn more about the services we provide.


Tips And Tricks In Selecting The Right Wallpaper For Your Living Space


Picking the right colors for your walls at home can sometimes prove to be a very difficult task. When you decide you want to wallpaper your walls you instantly get a much bigger palette of textures, patterns and colors to choose from. Suing in the wallpaper will most times that add finishing touch to your living space.

Wallpapering in the past was never the first choice for many people, however, nowadays it has managed to become an increasingly common feature in the house of the everyday homeowner. Let’s take a look at a few tips and tricks on how you can choose the right wallpaper for your space.

1. Find The Right Design

If you want to catch the eye of your guests then you’d probably want to go for bold wallpaper products. They’ll help you make the statement you might be looking to present. Wallpapers that have a more patterned and textured look can help you with hiding your walls’ imperfections if they have any. They can also be considered in your bathroom decor ideas brainstorming sessions because of how plain many of them usually are. Also, the casual nature, they have made them ideal for a bedroom and a bathroom setting.

2. Picking Your Material

Vinyl wallpaper is among the most common wallpaper product you’ll find on the market and happens to be the easiest to clean and hang as well. It’s perfect for those of you beginning DIYers. Walls get dirty, and cleaning them is not always easy. Most people don’t want to have to put in a lot of effort in the maintenance of their walls. Solid vinyl wallpaper products are ideal for bathrooms and kitchens because they’re completely waterproof.

3. Measuring Your Space

Arguably the trickiest part when it comes to purchasing wallpaper for your living space is the style selection. Figuring out the amount of wallpaper you need to buy is a breeze as compared to that. Finding out how much product your home will need is so much easier than many things on this list. Here, the best way to start is to first measure the walls and then multiply the width and height of each in feet. Next, add all the measurements you’ve got to get your total square footage.

4. Choosing The Right Backing

After you’ve determined the pattern, color and style you want to use for your home, the next best thing you need to consider is the type of backing you’re looking for your wallpaper to have. Wallpapers that contain non-woven backing are often times fully strippable whenever the desire to change arises. The type of backing you intend to use should be considered very carefully, especially if you’re the type that likes to switch things up often.

So, after reading this article, how do you feel about choosing the right wallpaper? Is it something you now feel you can take on? We know we mentioned earlier, it’s not that easy, however, that doesn’t mean it’s something you can’t do without too much of a hassle. Follow a few of these tips and tricks and watch how easily things fall into place.

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Home Maintenance Checklist: 5 Things You Need to Do Around Your Home

front door

When you’re trying to get what you need out of your home, it all boils down to figuring out which forms of maintenance are the most essential. 

Taking the time to give your home some TLC will allow you to recoup value and also love living there. Since your house is your castle, you need to put the work into it. 

Let this home maintenance checklist help you out so that you can look after your home accordingly. 

1. Give Your Home a Deep Cleaning

Nothing says home maintenance like a good, deep cleaning. 

It’ll be absolutely therapeutic for you, and will make every part of your home sparkle and smell great. In addition to things like vacuuming and mopping, be sure that you clean your windows and scrub down every fixture. 

You can look into things like steam cleaning as well so that your home stays as clean as possible. 

2. Clear Out Your Gutters

When you want to make the most of your home, you’ll need the help of some roof repair contractors. In addition to inspecting your roof, these professionals can help you clean out your gutters also. 

By getting rid of leaves and twigs that get stuck inside your gutters, they will be free and clear. This will permit rainwater to properly drain from the roof so that it doesn’t allow for leaks. 

It’s a good idea to have someone come and clean those gutters twice each year. 

In addition to gutter maintenance, also look into things that will enhance curb appeal. Check out these benefits of pressure washing. 

3. Check Your Smoke Detectors and Fire Extinguishers

It’s important that you keep your home as safe as you can as well. Protecting your home from fire is essential. 

This involves inspecting your smoke detectors and extinguishers so that you have some safeguards in case a fire does break out. Check your batteries a few times per year to make sure these systems keep working.  

4. Fix Your Plumbing Equipment

Be sure that you also keep your plumbing fixtures at their best. 

Taking the time to handle things like toilet leaks and clogs, and fixing your drains. A simple drain clog will potentially hamper your plumbing and cost you a lot of money in the future. 

5. Maintain Your HVAC System

Be sure that you also keep your heating and cooling fixtures at their best. 

Maintaining your HVAC system can cost you between approximately $70 and $100 in many situations. This helps your heater and cooler work across all seasons without your bills getting out of hand. 

Follow This Home Maintenance Checklist

This home maintenance checklist will guide you when you need to get the most out of your property. 

If you put these tips to use, you will get so much more out of your household. Look into the maintenance that you need and your home will be better for it. 

Consider this info and reach out to us when you want home building tips and info on repairs. 

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Innovation In Radiators Provides Style As Well As Heat


Gone are the days, where you recently renovated home or new build had no choice but to accomodate decades old, ugly in design, radiators just because they are an incredibly efficient heating solution. It’s thanks to great leaps in innovation, and design, over the years, that there are a lot more styles on offer including a huge range in vertical radiators. The only decision left for homeowners is how many and what size radiators will comfortably heat the home.

Home Size

Depending on whether you view life as a glass half full, or half empty, the fact that UK homes are on average very small, results in less interior to keep warm. Business Insider, Australia compares home sizes and UK homes are circa 96 square metres or less. How do they compare with other countries? Well, they’re larger than properties in Greece, Latvia and Ireland and the same size as the average homes in France, Germany and Italy.

Of course in the newer countries that also have luxury of larger land mass and less people per square metre, like the US, Australia, the average home sizes are up to three times more than the homes in England, Wales and Scotland and other areas of Europe. Therefore with smaller homes, when it comes to heating choice, style is as important is performance.

Designer Radiators

Wall space is a premium in small homes, and radiators are attached to walls so they need to look good and consistent with the period of the home. They are a focal point in a room, and the designs available today have turned them into a statement, and almost a piece of art. Not only are British homes small the weather is also colder than that found in the south of France, so central heating can be on all year round! However if it looks good its performance is second to none, what really do you have to complain about! 🙂


Modern radiators use different fuel sources. You can choose gas, electric or a mix of both! There’s also a lot more control at your finger tips. Yes, like your house hold appliances that can be controlled via an App on your smart device and mobile, so too the radiator. You can choose the option that uses bluetooth so you can manage the controls via your mobile phone.

Radiator Size Matters

The type of radiator and their size will determine how cosy you can maintain the temperature in your home as well as how economically you can run them. Therefore you need to assess the BTU and calculate the radiator size using a BTU calculator.

What Is BTU?

BTU is short for British Thermal Unit. It is a measure of heat content from fuel sources. How does electricity compare with diesel or gas? So how much electricity do you need to generate the heat required to warm up your home? Once you know the answer you can choose the right size of radiator specific to your room size. A living room will need a larger radiator than say a small bedroom.


What’s exciting for homeowners is radiators are no longer viewed as a dinosaur. They’re en vogue and most importantly they don’t just look good, they’re a proven heating solution that’s stood the test of time.

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Reglazing Windows vs Replacing Them: Which Is Best for Your Home?


The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that you’ll save up to $465 by replacing old windows in your home.

But do all windows really need to be replaced to save energy costs? Read on to learn all about reglazing windows vs replacing. We’ll teach you when each option makes more sense.

What is Reglazing a Window?

Windows and doors are responsible for 25% of energy loss in your home. In the summer, your air-conditioned air escapes through your windows and doors. In the winter, the same thing happens with heated air.

Glazed windows during summer keep your house cool with less AC use. This is just one of the main reasons you might need wood window repairs known as reglazing.

Reglazing is a process that removes the old glazing compound from around the window pane. This is a white putty that ensures a good seal around the window pane.

When to Reglaze Windows

You will need to reglaze your window if you have a broken or cracked window pane. If your window pane is warped, then you’ll also need to reglaze.

You may also consider reglazing your windows if your windows are nearing their expiration date. The glazing compound deteriorates over time. When it is cracked, air and moisture can get into your house.

If you live in a historic house, replacing your windows may not be an option. In that case, you’ll need to reglaze your windows to maintain energy efficiency. This will let you preserve the style of the era.

If you notice fog in between the panes of your window, that’s a sign that your seal is broken. You don’t need to replace your window to fix it. Reglazing will solve this problem for a fraction of the price.

When to Replace Your Windows

There are times when replacing your windows is your only option.

For example, if your windows do not open or close smoothly. This is a sign that the frame has warped. Replacement is your only choice.

Another sign that you need to replace your windows is if you see rot around the sill. If the damage is minor, you might be able to repair the problem. But most times, the cost to properly repair the window will be more than replacement.

If you have single-pane windows, reglazing can only help a little bit with energy efficiency. Single-pane windows always add to the energy and cooling costs of your utility bill.

To save money, it’s a smart idea to replace those windows with double or triple-pane glass. The money you save on your monthly bill will pay for the cost of the window replacement over time.

Is your furniture faded and bleached? That means that UV rays are entering your house through the windows. You may want to consider replacing them with low-E glazed glass.

This type of glass blocks out the sun’s harmful rays. Yet it still allows all the natural light to come in.

Reglazing Windows vs Replacing

Thanks for reading all about window repair or replacement. The bottom line is that you should try to repair your windows if possible.

Reglazing your windows is more affordable than replacing them. But, you don’t want to pay to reglaze your windows only to have to replace them shortly after.

Consult with a window professional to help you determine if reglazing windows vs replacing is the right choice for your home.

Next, check out this seasonal home maintenance checklist. This will help you monitor the systems in your home and prevent costly repairs later on.

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Double Glazed Windows: Are They Really Worth the Expense?


Perhaps you’re in the process of building a new house? Maybe you’re looking to make some updates to the home that you currently live in? In any case, you’re thinking about installing double glazed windows.

The only problem is, you’re not sure if they’re worth the investment. After all, a doubled glazed window costs quite a bit more than a single glazed window. Is it really worth the extra cost?

For some, the answer is “yes”. For others, the answer is “no”. The only way you can know for sure is by doing your research.

Looking to learn more about double glazing? The read on! We’re going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of double glazed glass panels in windows.

The Advantages of Double Glazed Windows

If you’re wondering how to choose windows for your home remodeling project, this window profile could be of use to you. Here are the advantages of double glazing windows.

Improves Insulation

One of the purposes of windows is to provide insulation to the home upon which they’re installed. While all windows do this to an extent, no type of window does it to a greater extent than the double glazing window.

Whereas single glazed windows will lose between 50% and 70% of the heat and cold which they contain, double glazed windows will lose only between 30% and 50% of the heat and cold which they contain. This makes them highly effective during both the summer and winter seasons, as they eliminate the vast majority of cold drafts and heat waves.

Provides Greater Energy Efficiency

Because they provide such terrific insulation, double glazing windows are extremely energy efficient. Why is this? Because they keep heat and cold trapped within their corresponding homes, allowing those homes’ air conditioners and heating systems to use less energy than they would have to otherwise.

So, while double glazing can be expensive in the short-term, it can actually save you money (through reduced energy bills costs) in the long-run.

Staves Off Condensation

Do you regularly deal with condensation on your windows? If so, you could benefit from installing double glazed glass panels. These panels do a terrific job of staving off condensation, fighting it off on both their interiors and exteriors.

Not only will a reduction in condensation increase the visibility of your windows, but it will also reduce the amount of mold and mildew that build up on your windows. This equals less maintenance, in the long-run.

Cuts Down on UV Light Damage

Did you know that the UV rays emitted by the sun can actually cause damage to the things with which they come into contact? This means that the possessions which sit next to your windows are all in positions of vulnerability. Color fading, in particular, is an imminent danger to these possessions.

Fortunately, there is a way to cut down on the number of UV rays which shine through your windows: double glazing. Installing doubled glazed windows will reduce the fading of your carpet, furniture, and other possessions, allowing you to let the sun illuminate through your windows on a regular basis.

Reduces Sound

Do you live in a noisy area? Can you hear miscellaneous sounds creeping into your home at all hours of the day? If so, double glazing is for you.

Doubled glazed panels are sealed airtight, allowing them to block the majority of soundwaves which come floating their way. They’ll make you feel as though you’re living in a peaceful area.

Increases Strength

While they’re certainly not indestructible, double glazed windows are much stronger than their single glazed brethren. This protects them not only from incidental physical trauma such as the force of an overthrown baseball but from purposeful physical trauma as well, such as the force of a burglar’s crowbar.

If you want to beef up the security and protection of your home, double glazing wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Ups Home Resale Value

One last advantage of the double glazing window is an increase in the resale value of the home upon which it’s installed. This means that, if you install double glazing windows on your home, you will be able to sell it in the future for a greater price than you would if it were to have single glazing windows instead.

This is an important point to remember when debating whether or not the extra cost is worthwhile. You may pay more money for these windows initially, however, you may actually save money over time.

The Disadvantages of Double Glazed Windows

There are far more advantages to double glazed windows than there are disadvantages. Nonetheless, disadvantages do exist. They are as follows.

Can’t Always Be Repaired

As was noted above, double glazed windows are designed to be exceedingly tough. Nonetheless, on rare occasions, they can experience deterioration, particularly in the spots where they seal to their corresponding frames.

Unfortunately, if this happens, they can’t be repaired. This will result in condensation building up between their two panes, making them more and more residue-ridden over time. At some point, your only option will be to have them replaced with all new windows.

Note, however, that a good many of the double glazing windows on the market come with warranties. If your windows are warrantied, you won’t have to worry about new-purchase costs.

High Cost

As we’ve stated numerous times, double glazed panels are more expensive than single glazed panels. In fact, in some cases, they can be as much as double the price of single glazed windows.

Note, however, that because they’re so durable and because they’re so energy efficient, they are actually fairly inexpensive over time. As a matter of fact, they can sometimes end up being cheaper than singled glazed windows in the long-run.

Interested in Double Glazed Windows?

What do you think? Are double glazed windows right for you? Interested in building or finding a home with such windows?

If so, PropertyTalk might be able to help you. Ours is one of the top real estate sites on the web. Not only do we help individuals to sell homes, but to build and buy them as well.

Read some more of our building-related articles now!

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Beautify Your Bathroom: 8 Inspiring Bathroom Renovation Ideas on a Budget


If you’ve been wanting to renovate your bathroom for quite some time, you may feel discouraged when you learn that the average cost for a bathroom remodel is almost $20,000. Let’s face it—who has that kind of extra cash laying around?

But the good news is that you don’t need to spend that much to upgrade the room. In fact, there are plenty of budget bathroom renovations you can do yourself!

Do you want to know more? Keep reading to discover 8 tips to give your bathroom a makeover without breaking the bank.

1. Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

Alright, this first tip may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised just how many people overlook it.

There’s a ton of moisture in your bathroom which leaves water marks and water stains on your walls and ceiling. Since this is a slow process, you may not notice just how dingy your paint has gotten.

Consider investing in a high-quality, satin-finish paint that will completely transform your bathroom and look great for years to come.

If you want something fresh and calming, go for a light neutral color, like light gray or off-white. Light blues are also a great option if you want to add a little extra interest.

But if you’d rather make a statement and get a trendy bathroom, go for rich jewel tones, like deep purples and blues. You’re sure to feel like royalty every time you walk through the door.

Of course, the walls aren’t the only things you can paint. If your cabinets are looking a little worse for the wear, consider painting or staining them. Not only will this make them look brand new, but you can completely change the look of your bathroom with your new wall and cabinet colors.

2. Upgrade the Small Details

You may not think the small details in your bathroom matter much. But when you upgrade all of them, you can completely transform the room.

Look at your light fixtures, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, towel racks, towels, rugs, shower curtain, faucets, cabinet hardware, and any other small item in the room. Then switch out everything that is either old and out-of-date or doesn’t fit the new look you want to create. You’ll notice a huge difference once you do.

3. Get Shower Panels

It’s no secret that your bathtub and shower make a huge impact on the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. But replacing them can cost a ton of money.

Instead, invest in shower panels or reline your tub. If your bathroom looks a bit cramped, consider getting rid of one of these to open up your bathroom and make it look more spacious. Learn more about the costs and water usage associated with each before making your decision.

4. Recaulk and Clean Grout

Much like your bathroom’s paint, the caulking and grout will also take quite a hit over the years. When you have loose or torn caulk and stained grout, your bathroom inevitably looks much older than it actually is.

The good news is that you can fix these with a little bit of elbow grease. Recaulking can be done in an afternoon by just picking up some caulk and a caulk gun form your local home improvement store.

To clean your grout, mix one part hydrogen peroxide with two parts baking soda. Apply the mixture to your grout and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Then take a stiff-bristled brush and start scrubbing!

5. Leave the Layout the Same

If you’ve decided to go for a full remodel, there are still some ways you can save. Perhaps the easiest way is to leave your layout the same.

When you start to change the position of your sink, toilet, tub, or shower, the pipes will all have to move with it, which adds up fast! Instead, commit to keeping all the major fixtures in the same location and make your bathroom look brand new by getting new counters, flooring, or upgrading to a nicer shower or tub.

6. Know When to Splurge

Just because you’re remodeling your bathroom doesn’t mean you need to splurge everywhere. In fact, there are probably plenty of places where you could cut back and still end up with a gorgeous bathroom.

Pick a few key items that you would like to splurge on, such as new countertops, flooring, or a soaker tub. This could also include some upgrades that will boost your home’s value, like heated floors or an electronic faucet.

Then, identify some places you can save on, like painting your cabinets instead of replacing them or installing shower panels instead of getting a whole new shower.

7. Install a Dimmer Switch

A relaxing bath is a perfect way to end a stressful day. But when your light switch only has two options, it can be hard to create the right atmosphere.

Installing a dimmer switch is an easy and affordable task. Once it’s installed, you can use the perfect lighting to promote relaxation in the mornings when you’re getting ready and during your evening bath.

8. Go Green

The best part about renovating your bathroom is that you can actually save money over time by choosing the right products. Eco-friendly faucets and shower heads usually cost the same as their traditional counterparts, but you’ll save on your water bill every month and help save the environment while you’re at it.

Affordable Bathroom Renovations

Your dream bathroom doesn’t have to break the bank. Just follow the above tips to save big on your remodel. From painting and upgrading the small details to knowing when to splurge going green with your fixtures, there are tons of affordable bathroom renovations that you can choose from.

Are you nervous about your upcoming remodel? Check out these major home renovation mistakes to avoid to ensure you end up with a bathroom you love.

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