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Is a Low Slope Metal Roof Right for You?


Low slope metal roofs have long been a staple of the industrial and commercial sectors but they’ve recently been becoming more of an option for residential construction and self-builds. This has happened for a number of reasons. In this article, we’re going to look at why low slope metal roofs might be right for you. More and more architects are choosing metal roofs, for both style, durability, weight and cost. Here’s why…

They’re cheap to install and maintain

Not only are metal roofs cheap to install, but they’re also cheap to maintain. An average metal roof can last up to 40 years, meaning the cost of the roof is offset for much longer than many traditional residential roofs.

Because they’re simply and easy to put in place, they’re also cheap to maintain. You can spot any issues with them quickly and without needing a team of experts to get to the bottom of things. And the reality is, once put in place, there are hardly any issues like there are with shingle or complex roof constructions.

Metal slope roofs have been popular in industrial constructions for years now, and for good reason. Not only are they cheap, but they’re also secure, durable and should support your home for decades.

They’re quick and easy to install

As well as being cheap, they’re also easy and quick to install. Much of the roof can be built offsite and simply shipped in ready to put in place. If you need your building finished quickly, it could be a great option. A slate roof can take days of manual labor to carefully put in place, whereas a low pitch metal roof can simply be swung into place and installed on the same day.

Only certain roofers will be able to handle roofs for custom-sized buildings. Make up for this by starting your search early in the process. Roofers like Westchase Roofing Tampa will specifically advertise the ability to handle uniquely-shaped roofs. Don’t rely on contractors when it comes to tricky work.

You can achieve a modern finish

While traditional roofs might be appropriate for certain builds, they aren’t for all of them. If you’re making an architectural statement with your home, you might want to consider a low metal roof. They can come in a number of different colors and could be just what your home needs a finish. Just make sure you can get planning permission as some local authorities prefer to only allow traditional home styles.

They can drain easily

Many traditional roofs have problems with drainage, but a low pitched roof at the right angle should see the water easily drain to the side without any issues.

They’re recyclable and sustainable

A low pitched metal roof doesn’t need to be sent to the scrap heap when you’re done with it. It can easily be recycled and used again. They’re also a sustainable way to make use of some reclaimed materials. A quality roofing company like should be able to give you all the advice you need.

They are lightweight

Another great reason to go for a low pitched metal roof is because of how lightweight they are. That means they can go on all sorts of structures, whether it’s a wooden home or some other building that can’t support a heavy traditional roof. They’ll also spread the weight of the roof low and wide, causing even fewer problems.