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How to Market a Home with a Loft

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The addition of a loft in a property has many advantages when marketing it to a potential buyer. Being able to capitalize on these advantages is important if you want to distinguish your property on the home sale market. We’ve compiled a short list of the main points to call attention to when marketing a home with a loft.

Each loft is unique and can provide a different twist on a home you are trying to market. If you want to become more familiar with different types of lofts as well as look into conversions for a property, loft conversion companies such as Proficiency have all the great information you need.

Understanding Lofts

The key to being a capable real estate agent is understanding what you are marketing and how to market it to your viewers. The term loft can encompass a great many different home additions. It will benefit you greatly to understand some simple vocabulary around lofts before attempting to market them.

We will consider a loft as an upper attic space directly under the roof. These areas can have flattop or sloped roofs above them, which can impact how you categorize them. Additionally, lofts can have the addition of a terrace, which we will define as any patio or veranda. The terrace is considered separate or an addition to a loft.

Call Attention to These 3 Things

Increased Space

One of the easiest ways to market a home with a built-in loft is by highlighting the increased square footage that it provides to what otherwise might be a space with limited square footage. Start by looking at surrounding properties that lack this advantage. It can benefit you to compare houses that might be in the same style or neighborhood but do not have such an upgrade.

The addition of a loft does not just lead to an increase in the number of square footage for a property; it often creates a larger feeling as well. During a showing, highlight the loft and set your property aside from others.

Cosmetic Upgrade

A loft can be marketed as a cosmetic upgrade for a home. Without highlighting any of the more functional reasons for having a loft, you can use this room for the perfect home staging. The additional space can act as a display room or as a space you can cater to a potential buyer.

A loft can also provide a cosmetic touch to the overall architecture of a house. Lofts come in many shapes and sizes. If the home you are marketing has a unique build due to this, it is important to feature it as such.

With a handful of different types of lofts, try to highlight what makes the one you are selling different from any other combination of house and loft. Consider mentioning roof lighting as a natural way this home provides more light and energy in a space.

Round Off the House

Owning a loft can provide the potential buyer with a space to complete their dream home. While some homes have guest rooms or small gyms, a loft gives the power to whoever is marketing the house.

Being able to show this open area as the space to put whatever the potential buyer can envision is crucial to marketing a loft as the ultimate reason your house is the best on the market. The potential uses are limitless when you consider a garden space, a reading room, or simply storage space. The part is important to understand what would be the best angle to market when considering what this room could be.