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3 Proven Real Estate Marketing Tips Every Agent Should Know

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If you’ve been a real estate sales agent for a long time, you already know that things can get highly competitive. Indeed, you want to do everything in your power to consistently grab attention, retain prospects, and close deals.

That’s why even some simple strategies can go a long way towards keeping you ahead of the competition and help you convert leads in the real estate business.

These are just five of the most proven ones you should remember as a real estate agent:

Begin Marketing as Early as Possible

As the cliché goes, the best time to start was yesterday – and the next best time is today. This is most certainly true when it comes to the highly competitive real estate business. To apply this, you should begin marketing any listing the moment your contract has been signed.

You could do it by posting a “coming soon” update on social media. Alternatively, you can also begin by coordinating with other agents who might be able to help you out with leads. And of course, you should also begin to look up companies who can help you with setting up real estate sign riders. Whichever form of marketing you want to prioritize, what’s important is you get it started as early as possible.

Maximize Every Option Available

Over time, you should transition from getting things started quickly into making sure that you’ve covered all the bases. And when it comes to marketing, you want to maximize every option and take advantage of every opportunity. For example, you can go beyond the usual informative signs and add a dash of creativity. This could come in the form of a more personalized call-to-action to help your listings stand out.

Meanwhile, you can consider staging an unfurnished listing to help people connect with space. After all, any prospective buyer will be more interested in buying a house they can better imagine themselves living in. What’s more, this helps create a great first impression – whether people are simply viewing pictures of the property online or are visiting in person. And as a bonus, this can even serve the practical purpose of providing you and any prospect with a place to just sit down and chat. This leads us to one final tip to spruce up your marketing efforts.

Boost Referrals Through a Personal Approach

Any experienced real estate agent will tell you that a big chunk of their business is fueled by referrals. Indeed, statistics have even pointed out that more than 39% of home sellers have connected with their agents through recommendations from family and friends. You can succeed at getting more referrals by embracing a personal and accommodating approach to communicating with clients and prospects.

One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by encouraging as many personal meetings as possible. This is a sure way to build trust between you and any prospective clients. You can further add to this by ensuring that you respond quickly to inquiries, as well as attempt to anticipate possible requests that they may have. Altogether, these can help a buyer that they’re properly catered to – improving their impression of you and increasing the chances that your name will come up in future conversations.

Every experienced agent will tell you that it can get tough to stay profitable if you can’t put the word out about your business. That’s why you have to act quickly, take advantage of every opportunity, and do everything in your power to maintain a solid reputation. You can even build upon these simple tips to further ensure lasting success for your career as a real estate sales agent.

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