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4 Pro Tips To Sell Your House Quickly

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Did you know the average time it takes a buyer to search for and buy a house is six months?

Well, this is the current average in the UK, and in the US it’s around four months but do you want to wait that long to sell your house? No, so in this blog article, we have four tips on how to sell your house in the fastest time possible.

First Impressions

Once you’ve engaged a real estate agent, they will arrange for photos to be taken of your property.  They may even do aerial shots with a drone.  These photos are the very first impression of your home, and you want them to inspire prospective homebuyers to contact the listing agent for a viewing.

Do not let the agent take the photos of your property both inside and out ‘before’ you’ve had the chance to freshen the place up to create the right impression.


Make sure you clean up the property before contacting a real estate agent.  Remember, all salespeople are keen and real estate agents are salespeople who want your property listing represented by them and online, so they can get a quick sale and their commission.  Therefore avoid being pushed into allowing photos of your home until it is as you want it presented.

Spruce Up Exterior and Interior

With the exterior of your property, particularly from the curbside to the front door; paint fences and replace anything that’s broken.

Also, allow some budget to landscape front gardens to create a welcoming entrance.

Renovate inside your home and declutter ‘your stuff’ and furniture.  Ideally, store your furnishings away from the home and stage rooms with nondescript furnishings. To get the right look you need to channel your inner Marth Stewart or hire a home staging business.  It’s important to stage your home for it’s intended audience.

Remember, work on the presentation of your home before photos are taken and used in the marketing along with the property listing.

List On Multiple Websites

Most buyers use the Internet to search for homes, and it allows you to sell your house fast. List on as many home listing websites as you can. Don’t leave this task to your listing agent. Remember selling your home is more important to you than a third party, so control the marketing process. Share your listing on social media, including local Facebook groups.

Open Houses

While you may not want strangers walking through your home, especially if you and your family are living there, to sell a home quickly, viewing are a necessity. Remember you’re in control of when the open home appointments occur.


The listing agent will be in attendance, not you, so make sure you have your valuables secured. Consider security cameras too for peace of mind. Staging a home takes the personality out of it and so too your stuff so attendees are less likely to anything they can lift without being caught.


You might be thinking ‘view by appointment’ is a better way to do the home viewings. Some buyers prefer open houses to private showings because there’s less pressure on them to make a decision, so consider your target audience and if your home could sell quickly without public viewings.

Consider Selling to a Wholesaler

Your perfect home buyer may not be an owner-occupier. The fastest way to sell your house could be an investor or a wholesaler, i.e. business that buys homes to renovate and on-sell or rent.

Cash Buyers

These buyers are ‘cash buyers,’ i.e. they don’t need to sell a home to buy another house. Therefore the terms of sale will need to be more favourable for them, and that will be a discount on the asking price. What you’ll get in return is a fast sale and settlement.

Selling your home to a business doesn’t need to be your first choice. If your home is still on the market for sale after a few months, your next course of action may be to sell to a third party property business.


Taking control of the marketing of your property, and how it is presented will improve your chances of a quick sale. Plan how you will enhance the appearance of your home, and that will require a budget which is an investment.

There are many ‘first impressions’ quotes, including first impressions, are the most lasting. Homebuyers will form the first impression of your home, so control what that might be with the exterior and interior of your home, and you’ll get the outcome you desire, i.e. a fast sale for a high price.