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Turning Heads: 8 Amazing Curb Appeal Ideas for Your Home

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Considering listing your home on the market sometime in the future? Over 94% of realtors will recommend updating your home’s curb appeal first.

This view of your property creates a stunning first impression, boosting home value. Certain techniques can enhance the style and design of your home’s exterior.

So, looking for ways to gain some serious curb appeal for your home? Here are 8 curb appeal ideas to impress buyers, agents, and neighbors.

1. Grow a Green Thumb

Landscaping around your home adds style, character, and color. Updating your landscaping can even offer a 5.5% to 12.7% increase in the price of the home.

The idea is to aim for a beautiful landscaping design that is still easy to upkeep. Simple curb appeal landscaping ideas include adding plant beds and borders. Do this with a variety of trees, plants, and shrubs located around the perimeter of your home.

Use landscaping techniques to create a well-defined path leading to your home. Pavers and plants can work together to enhance the design.

You also want to remove weeds or dead plants and add fresh mulch. Trim back any hedges and overgrown plants so you can show off more of your home. Water your lawn often to keep grass and plants fresh and green.

Homebuyers also value backyard living spaces that are well maintained. Use innovative landscaping designs to spruce up your patio or outdoor kitchen. Planting a small backyard garden is another idea.

2. Make Needed Repairs

Proper maintenance of your home’s exterior is ideal for adding curb appeal. Start by making a list of items in need of a repair then get them fixed as soon as possible.

Even small or subtle items can be an eyesore to a potential buyer. Check for broken gutters, fencing, and loose or cracked roof shingles. Cracked or wobbly porch steps should also get fixed.

Replace any screens with rips or holes in them. It’s also smart to repair any damage to your home’s siding.

3. Deep Clean Your Exterior

A sparkling exterior is one of the top tips for how to add curb appeal. This means removing any signs of algae, dirt, and grime.


Power washing your home is an easy way to do this. Yet, be careful with certain house siding materials. Some materials, like brick, can get damaged by a high power wash.

You’ll also want to pressure wash any porches and decks to improve their condition. You can even clean your driveway with a power wash.

Other items to deep clean include your garage door and gutter system. Older homes may look better with a good roof cleaning. Yet, this is best left to professionals to avoid damaging the roof or getting an injury.

4. Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

Paint offers a quick and cost-efficient way to improve curb appeal. Consider changing your house color to something that appeals to most buyers. Bright white is currently the most preferred exterior paint color for homeowners.

A neutral color palette always works best for the home exterior. The right color can even make your home look larger. Paint can also help a home exterior that is fading or chipping.

Another easy idea is to paint the front door an eye-catching color. Choose a color that compliments the style and color of the home. This will create contrast and a nice focal point for the home.

Painting the floor and ceiling of a front porch will add color and charm. You can also paint the trim around your home or stain your garage door.

You can try to do these painting curb appeal ideas by yourself or hire a professional. Here is more about picking the right time and conditions for painting your home.

5. Shop for Shutters

Shutters add character to the home and create a colorful contrast. Shutter panels also come in a variety of designs to complement any style of home.

Shutters on older homes may rot or warp over time. Check for signs of this and replace them if needed. You can also try to repaint shutters that are in newer condition.

6. Brighten Things up

Lighting techniques can help to enhance your home’s curb appeal at night. Well-placed landscaping lighting shows off the home’s details. It also makes walkways and entryways easier to see.

A well-lit property makes homebuyers feel more secure. Make sure all lights are working and replace any burned out bulbs.


New exterior lighting fixtures can add style and convenience. Bistro lights are also popular for enhancing outdoor living areas or seasonal porches.

Always make sure all your window treatments are open. Not doing this can create an inconsistent look from the street view. Open shades and curtains will make the home seem brighter and more inviting.

7. Add Some Finishing Touches

Small decorative touches help to enhance the home’s exterior. These curb appeal tips include subtle changes like adding a stylish welcome mat. Adding a few potted plants and hanging flowers can make a big impact.

The idea is to use decor to create symmetry around the front door. Do this with lanterns, florals, or planters. This makes the home look more stylish, comfortable, and lived-in.

Tasteful and festive seasonal decor can help to impress buyers. This includes pumpkins, mums, wreaths, and small evergreens.

Updating your porch furniture is another idea. Keep furniture subtle with a comfortable layout. Benches also make for great accent furniture outside of the home.

Consider hanging up new house numbers and updating the hardware on doors. Another idea is to update your mailbox to something more in style with your home.

8. Keep Your Yard Clutter-Free

A clean and well-maintained front yard is an easy way to score some serious curb appeal points. Always keep the grass mowed, pick up branches, and rake up leaves. It’s best to remove all lawn ornaments for a clean and consistent look.

Put away ladders, rakes, and shovels after use. Clean up children’s toys and keep bikes off the driveway. You’ll also want to keep the garage door closed to contain any clutter inside.

It can be helpful to add a storage shed on your property or rent a storage unit. Parking one of your cars in the garage will also make the driveway look less busy.

Curb Appeal Ideas That Are Sure to Impress

These curb appeal ideas offer a way to enhance the design of your home’s exterior. They help boost style, character, and convenience. Impressive curb appeal also makes the home much more appealing to buyers.

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