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How to make a small yard seem larger than it is

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Not everyone has the advantage of having a large amount of yard space. In fact your entire property may seem like it has very little useable external space however with clever design you’d be surprised how even the smallest of spaces can be augmented for better use and by doing so they will also appear a lot larger. Of course, the obvious move most home owners take is remove outbuildings not in use, and maybe even look at increasing the actual size of the yard. Any changes to size however may require compliance including redefining property boundaries and looking at service avoidance. Thankfully there are other ways to make your yard seem larger without actually physically increasing its size. Here are some tips on how you can make it happen.

Make sure your yard is organised

With a small space, make sure it’s organised efficiently and it will appear larger. For instance, you should have clear definition between an area that is used for seating and an area in which your children play.

Make the most of vertical space

Great design includes vertical space so use wall or fence space. Shelving or hanging baskets attached to vertical walls is a good starting point. You could also look at using climbing plants in your yard. These plants use less ground space and grow up as opposed to out. Choosing the right plants can be a game changer for your yard turning it into a beautiful and tranquil space for entertainment.

Recognise the importance of using all the space

Do not forget to use all of the available space in your yard. The shape of it will determine how it is utilised. Often corners are not used so to make better use of space in the corners and at the rear of of your property, consider using it for storage of outdoor equipment like bikes, or toys It could also serve as an outdoor clean up areas where the dog is washed or your boots are cleaned.

The forgotten corners are also excellent for vege and herb gardens. Utilising this space in this way is a good way of obtaining healthy (and if you use the right fertiliser) organic food while reducing your grocery bill.

Think about whether you really need a fence

Depending on how well you get on with your neighbours, you may want to consider getting by without a dividing fence and use small shrubs instead. The unobstructed views across your property boundary line will give a feeling of space that a high fence however disguised will not.

A small yard and other areas around your home can be designed to provide the perception of space. We often work very hard on how we use the space inside our home but forget to do the same outside. Using all the available area (internal and external) can improve your lifestyle and also increase the value of your home.