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How to Clean Outside Windows From Inside Your Home: 4 of the Best Ways

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You’re trying to see your beautiful view but all you see are streaks and dirt.

How annoying!

If you’re high up in an apartment and you can’t scale the ledge, you need to learn how to clean outside windows from inside. The good news is that there are a few creative ways that you can get your outside windows looking squeaky clean without putting your safety in danger.

Continue reading this article to learn how to clean your outside windows from the safety of inside.

The 411 on How to Clean Outside Windows from Inside

If you don’t have the budget to hire a window washing company as much as your windows need to be cleaned – we get it. Even after a day, windows can start collecting dust and dirt and impeding our views.

Pick one of the below methods and keep your windows sparkling clean.

1. Magnetic Window Cleaner

Magnetic window cleaners are easy to use. Magnetic cleaners wash both sides of the window.

Align the magnetic sections on each side of the window and the microfiber cloth will clean it as you gently pull the inside part of the cleaner across the window. Make sure to go slow to get a proper clean.

2. Use a Mop

You can use a standard mop to clean your outside windows from inside. Mix your cleaning solution, dip a clean microfiber cloth into the solution and put it on the end of the mop’s handle.

Stick the mop out the window and get to washing.

3. U-Shaped Telescopic Pole & Sponge

If a mop just won’t do the trick, head to the store and grab a u-shaped telescopic pole. Measure your windows to make sure the pole will reach all areas of the window.

Attach a sponge to the end of the telescopic pole and wash the windows. If the sponge makes too big of a mess, you can put a dry cloth on the end of the pole and wipe the extra water off the windows for the best clean possible.


4. Robot Cleaner

Robots are taking over and this is one task we are ready to let them have. You place the safety harness and pod on the inside of your window, put the cleaning pad and spray on the robot and flip on the switch.

You can have the robot clean the inside or the outside of the window – your choice.

Once the window is clean, the appliance goes back to its starting position.

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Now that you know how to clean outside windows from inside, you never have to worry about dirty, dusty windows again. Keeping your windows clean makes your home look more luxurious and allows you to see those beautiful views.

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