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Five Tips for Gorgeous Home Exteriors


When it comes to renovating a home, more often than not, it’s the design of a property’s interior that springs to mind. But just as its cover judges a book, a house is initially judged by its external appearance. It means that whatever work you do on the interior could be slightly undermined by an exterior that sets a wrong first impression. It’s, therefore, a great idea to dedicate some time and resources to sprucing up the outside of your home; here are some handy ideas for areas of your property’s exterior that could use some work.

Walls and Windows

The walls and windows of your home constitute the prominent vertical surfaces upon which your home is instantly judged. Whether wooden or brick, painted or bare, you can do several things to improve the aesthetics of your home’s outer surfaces, such as slapping on a new layer of paint or pressure washing the bricks to expose their brightest and most striking colors. Hanging baskets and other plants add a pleasant and natural homely feel – you may even want to consider climbing ivy, which will spread upon your house’s walls year after year.

When it comes to windows, fitting painted shutters is both a pretty and a practical step, giving your home an extra external decorative twist while also providing privacy, security, and protection from the elements when closed. Employ a regular window washer – or do it yourself with the right equipment – so that the windows into your inner life are impressively sneaky clean, shining in the sunlight.

The Roof

The typical suburban house will likely have some form of a tiled roof. Over time, the problem with these roofs is that tiles can become loose, cracking or falling from adverse weather, falling branches, or other debris that can ruin the geometric tiling design that the house once boasted.

Then there are antenna and satellite dishes for televisions that can sometimes be an eyesore on an otherwise visually attractive home; if possible, relocating these to a more discrete location on your roof will help your home look a little less scruffy. Finally, maintaining guttering on the roof’s edge, removing dead leaves, and sealing cracks will give your roof a professional-looking lining painted to match your home’s external color scheme.

Driveway and Garden

Plenty of homes in the US are set behind a driveway and garden that are, in effect, the connection point between a public road and your private property. It’s the first area of land you have direct control over regarding how it is perceived, so it’s no wonder that most US homeowners like to keep exceptional front lawns and a neat-looking driveway. You may be able to utilize local services when it comes to lawn mowing and maintenance, keeping your grass healthy and uniform, or you can do it yourself two or three times a month.

Driveways, adjacent to front lawns, are where you’ll park your car overnight or on weekends and ought to be large enough to accommodate one or two vehicles at the very least, dependent on the number of cars your family owns – and the size of your house and the provision of a garage. Tarmac surfaces are possibly the easiest to maintain, while a brick driveway complementing your home’s walls is one of the best-looking options. Think about using gravel or shingle to fill in gaps that your lawn won’t occupy, so that your front-of-house is attractive and well laid-out.

Fences and Hedges

The stereotype of the white-painted wooden fence in front of US properties may not extend to most households. Still, fences, gates, hedgerows, and flower beds nonetheless feature at the boundaries of most properties, especially to the sides where you separate your land from your neighbor. Keep these well spruced, either with new layers of paint and DIY repairs or with careful and measured hedge-cutting that will leave greenery evenly and attractively shaped.

If you don’t have some form of fence between the sidewalk and your front lawn, consider erecting a knee-high fence for practical and aesthetic reasons. Nicely made and well-painted fences certainly add to the overall aesthetic effect while marking a boundary for young children and animals, keeping them from straying beyond or into your property. Pre-grown hedges are a lovely addition available at all extensive garden stores.

Extra Features

Besides all of the above, there’s plenty more that can be added to a home’s exterior to improve the aesthetics for the passerby or visitor. Take a bed of roses, for example – a pet project that can become an obsession as you grow their sumptuous petals. Intricate wooden or wicker chairs on the porch will give your home an open, friendly impression. At the same time, classic decorative items such as garden gnomes or stilted flamingos will provide a touch of individuality should you so desire.

Moreover, a neat and well-constructed mailbox is the first thing that most people may subconsciously judge a home on, so ensuring yours is up to scratch is necessary. Comparable structures such as birdhouses or decorative sundials can be placed artfully in front gardens to give your property’s public-facing outside a central feature that draws the eye. Tasteful fairy lights on a front garden tree or wrapped around a pillar on a porch can add a charming finishing touch for when night falls – that same can be said for solar-powered outdoor lamps, which will guide you to your front door after night’s lost.

You are bearing in mind all of the above areas that may require some improvement, set to work on your home’s exterior to be the envy of your neighborhood, forming an excellent first impression to visitors and passersby alike.