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Easy Tips To Spruce Up Your Garden Before Your Next Show House


Clear Out Garden Debris

If there’s one thing we suggest doing just before your house goes on show, it’s sweeping up leaves and debris that accumulates on the lawn, paths and patio (if you have one). This is a never-ending job, but the result is well worth it and gives potential buyers the impression that the property is well looked after and attended to.

Remember to do this on the day if you can, so that it is newly swept, clean, and tidy. If you have a large property or a lot of leaves, it may be worth investing in a leaf blower. With a powerful engine, these machines can help save time when completing this task and make your life much easier. Before you buy, take a look at this leaf vacuum mulcher review from The Best Leaf Blowers.

Weed It Out

Weeds are extremely annoying, but tackling this task regularly will keep your property looking in tip-top shape. The more regularly you weed, the less of a hassle it will be when show day suddenly comes around. You won’t need to spend hours taking out unsightly and unwanted plants because you’ll be on top of it already! It’s useful to use a long metal rod to get between pavers where they like to pop up, and a small gardening fork or spade to tackle the more stubborn ones.

Trim Hedges

Ah, a trimmed hedge is a sign of love, or so we like to think. There’s nothing quite like it! And if you want your property to come across as loved and cared for, we suggest you trim hedges and unruly bushes to give the impression that the garden is maintained. Again, as with weeding, the more regularly you do this, the easier it will be when show day comes around. You will only need to do a little bit of tidying up as opposed to a full-on trimming session lasting hours and hours.

Repaint Where Needed

Go around your property and note any areas that look like they need some attention, especially a lick of paint. Attention to detail is important when showing a house.

If any of your plant pots are looking a bit dull, why not give them a couple of coats of fresh paint? Don’t go over the top with colours though, rather keep it neutral – a buyer won’t easily be impressed by pink or purple pots even if you love them.

Add Some Pot Plants

If you have an outdoor entertainment area why not spruce it up with some pot plants? They look friendly and add some greenery to an area that can sometimes be a bit of dead space.

Keep Trees In Check

Trees can add or detract from your property depending on a few factors. Property experts agree that trees can affect the value of your property and while it’s not something that everyone takes into consideration when scanning the market, it should be!

If uncared for and sick, or even unsightly and overgrown, buyers can be put off a space. On the flip side, a beautiful healthy tree in a nicely laid out garden can add huge appeal to your property. Make sure that yours are the latter so that come show day, visitors will be impressed. It may be as simple as giving a trim to let in some more light into the area.

Get Inspiration

The best way to get ideas for what to do in your own garden is to visit others in the area to see what people are doing in theirs. If there are open garden festivals in your area check them out, or visit other show houses to see what your community is doing. You may be pleasantly surprised by the ideas you come across – or you may be reminded what not to do.

Don’t just go to the show houses with perfect gardens, see some properties where the gardens need attention so you can see which aspects don’t work and need fixing. There are generally some obvious issues that need attention first, as outlined in this article. Once you have the basics sorted you can focus on other less important parts.

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