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How Great Lawns Sell Homes

First impressions count and prospective buyers can be impressed or put off before they’ve moved through the front door!

This is why in areas where homes have a lot of lawn, many listing agents have taken it upon themselves to manage them. You won’t however see the real estate agent pushing a lawn mower around every couple of weeks; they engage lawn care experts.

Therefore in much the same way, with what happens inside the listed property, with a home staging or dressing service, using your estate agent to manage the lawn service is also not free.

All services carried out at your home incur fees and if your real estate agent is managing the service provider, there is likely to be a management fee added on to the cost of the service.

As the vendor, you may either be required to pay for the service provider directly, i.e. the home staging company will send you an invoice for payment, and then the agent’s management fee will part of the sales agreement fee or the agent may take care of the lot and cost of all the services will be passed on as part of the agent’s overall fee for selling your home.

Therefore if you are able bodied, and can take care the exterior and interior of your home, then it’s important to do it well to get the optimum sale price for your property.

Lawn Care & Mowing

Get advice on how to sow, grow and maintain a healthy lawn in your area. Take a look at San Marcos, TX Lawn Care & Lawn Mowing Guide. It provides insight into the particulars of lawns in San Marcos, Texas.

In an area like Texas, growing a lawn is not as easy as it in more climatic areas suitable for fostering great soil for grass, trees and plants. If you’re really serious about having a lawn that will sell your home, then you’ll need to know about grass types, as not all grass has been created equally. In the San Marcos area you’ll find three main types of grass:

  • Bermuda Grass
  • St. Augustine Grass
  • Zoysia Grass

In the guide by Wikilawn, you’ll learn what each type of grass can do when it’s sowed in the right area. Plus there’s also advice on how to and how often to mow your lawn. Seeding and what happens when you over-seed and also aeration of the soil need consideration.

See it’s not as simple as sowing a bit of seed, watering it and mowing it every so often.

Tired yet? Like most things, nothing is as it appears. There is so much more to creating the perfect lawn and keeping it that way.

Curb Appeal

Potential buyers are likely to do several drive-by’s of a property, before they commit to a proper showing – as known as an open home.

Moving to a new street and area is a big decision so they want to get an idea of what to expect and the external look of the home will give them an instinct to either process further or ignore.


When your yards and lawns are expertly tended and maintained you can have curb appeal. The aim of your curb appeal is to get as many prospective buyers through your front door as possible.

Regular Maintenance

Many properties can take months to sell and while they are vacant will need regular outdoor maintenance.

It’s hard to attract a buyer to a home with an overgrown lawn and weed-filled gardens. So either you’re up to the task or you can engage a lawn care service, like the rest of us!

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