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Do Garden Makeovers Improve Home Value?

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Not everyone has a garden but those that do should consider how they can use it to help improve their home value. A garden is definitely something potential home buyers look at when they are considering their options however if the garden is not well maintained then it can have the opposite effect and put people off. Keeping your garden maintained is sometimes a hobby of some people and it is common for people to think that it is actually relaxing (and gets them fresh air).  If you have a garden then here are some simple activities that you improve your home value.

Tree Upkeep / Removal

Not all gardens have trees, but some have a lot where they even overhang into the street or the neighbours.  If they do overhang and go into the neighbours, then this can be quite a challenge due to the fact the neighbours can take action against you for this. As such, not only is it important that you keep your trees trimmed in order to prevent any problems, but it helps keep the garden look nicer and neat. Tree pruning costs are pretty low and you can get a quote for things like tree removal from sites such as My Job Quote who can help you make an informed decision on who will be the best person for the job. If you take photographs of your current tree and give an indication of the work you require then this site will put it out to the local gardeners and allow you to view quotes when they come in. When they do come in you can also have a good look at the credentials of the person that quoted you and see what reviews other customers have left them.   You may wish to go a step further and actually have the tree removed. You can get tree removing costs from the exact same site and see what tree surgeon quotes come your way. By tidying this up or removing various trees to make your garden nicer (and potentially more daylight in it), this can help with your home value.


Decking is the “in thing” nowadays and most large modern gardens have an element of this.  If you don’t yet have this then this could be a simple thing to do and improve the valuation of your home slightly. It may seem a difficult and expensive task however it doesn’t have to be. The important thing to bear in mind if you down this route is to not compromise on quality and do a good job as a shabby job could have the complete opposite effect that you are looking for. Decking can be purchased at many different retailers or garden centres. Due to the size and volume, if you do not have a van, it would be easier to have this delivered. When the decking is being laid down it is crucial to ensure that the foundations are done correctly, or you may find that through time, garden weeds come through and cause you problems. When the decking is down, if this is not treated immediately you may find that the durability of it is poor (specifically if you live in an area with a lot of rainy weather).


If you have a particularly large front garden and no driveway, this could be an easy and good way in order to improve your home value pretty quickly.  This is even more valuable if you live in a residential area where there are not a lot of parking spaces.  Your driveway space then becomes a guaranteed space for one or even two vehicles.  If you are considering down this then it may be a better way to call in the experts as you do not want a sub-standard driveway build.  In addition to this, you may want to check if any planning permission is required to do this.  Sometimes you will require permission from your neighbours and get the sidewalk curb lowered in order to ensure that no-one parks in front of it.  If you go ahead and build the driveway without getting this sort of permission, you could find yourself in a whole lot of bother. Spending a few grand on this activity could add double this to the value of your home.

Overall Garden Maintenance

There are a lot of other very simple things you could do to your garden to keep or increase the value which includes:

  • Planting or renewing flowers
  • Refresh or install new fencing
  • Garden features such as water fountains
  • Outdoor lighting and lamps

None of the above activities are really difficult however all of these clearly make the garden a nicer place to be in and help with the value. If you are not a DIY or garden enthusiast, then there are plenty of people that would be willing to help with this for competitive prices across the country.

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